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Being Donald Trump’s running mate means signing up for a media smear campaign the likes of which you never before experienced.

The press will destroy anyone using any lie if that means keeping Donald Trump out of the White House.

And a Trump Vice-Presidential pick faced one dastardly question that will make your blood boil.

Media hounds Trump Vice Presidential candidate 

Former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is on the rumored shortlist to be Donald Trump’s Vice President.

Gabbard is one of the few candidates Trump can count on to fight the Deep State and remain loyal to his America First foreign policy.

But Gabbard is learning that being considered Trump’s running mate subjects to you to bizarre gotcha questions.

Morgan began the interview with a basic question about if Gabbard would even want to be Vice President.

“If, as many people would like you to be, you end up being vice president to President Trump– I mean first of all, would you accept the job if you were offered it?” Morgan asked Gabbard to start,

“I would. I would,” Gabbard answered. “I’d be honored to serve my country in that way.”

Piers Morgan repeatedly pressed Gabbard about South Dakota Governor Kirsti Noem’s bizarre story from her book about killing her hunting dog Crickets with a shotgun blast to the head because it proved to be violent and untrainable.

Gabbard had nothing to do with this story.

But Morgan pressed on it hoping she would give an embarrassing answer.

“You’re up against other people to be potential Vice President, one of whom is Kristi Noem, who’s just got a new book out too. My difficult question is this: Tulsi Gabbard, have you ever killed a dog?” Morgan asked.

“No. Unequivocally. No,” Gabbard responded.

Morgan refuses to let the subject go

That answer wasn’t good enough for Morgan.

Despite the fact that by all accounts Noem is no longer under consideration to be Trump’s running mate, Morgan demanded Gabbard denounce Noem as unfit for office.

“Do you think killing dogs and then boasting about it in your book disqualifies you to be a potential VP?” Morgan followed up.

Gabbard responded that any decision about fitness for office was up to the voters.

“You know, I’ve known Kristi for a long time. We served in Congress together. I haven’t spoken to her about this. I’ve heard her argument for it. She made the decision to put this story in her book, she’s talking about it, there are other things that are coming out in the news about it. Look, she is an adult, she’s a former member of Congress, she’s the governor of one of our 50 states. She has the opportunity to make her case to the American people,” Gabbard replied.

Morgan again refused to drop the subject.

“You haven’t actually answered that question,” Morgan snarled. “You haven’t answered my question whether it’s disqualifying to go around murdering dogs.”

Gabbard held her ground.

“Really, that is my answer to your question. This is my point. Voters get to choose. Voters get to choose. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t go and kill a puppy named Cricket. I just wouldn’t do it,” Gabbard answered.

Gabbard avoids the trap

Morgan knew exactly what he was doing.

The point of this line of questioning was to induce Gabbard to either make a comment the media could construe as defending Noem shooting her puppy or to attack Noem so the media can play up another “GOP civil war story.”

But Gabbard also knew exactly what Morgan was doing and tiptoed around that minefield.

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Should Kristi Noem be Donald Trump’s running mate?

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