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Barack Obama carried Florida during both of his Presidential campaigns.

Now the Sunshine State has become hostile territory for Democrats.

And Barack Obama was sick to his stomach when he made this confession about Florida.

The Presidential election is getting most of the attention this year but across the country, a battle is underway for control of State Legislatures.

State Legislatures often control the redistricting process in states to decide the lines for Congressional districts.

Democrats have made a major investment in trying to capture State Legislatures so they can have friendly lawmakers draw them favorable districts for Congress.

Barack Obama has a notable omission for Democrats’ 2024 targets

Former President Barack Obama encouraged his more than 130 million followers on X to join him in supporting the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC).

The NDRC was founded by Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder to focus on flipping State Legislatures blue.

“This year, the [NDRC] is investing in several state-level elections and backing candidates who are key to stopping anti-democratic agendas—including gerrymandering,” Obama wrote on X. “I hope you’ll join me in supporting them.”

Missing from the group’s target list this year was the one-time swing state of Florida.

“We are investing in races that are critical to the long-term fight for fairness,” the NDRC said. “Being successful in these elections could help lay the foundation for an even fairer redistricting process in 2031.”

While Florida is off the board, the group is targeting Republican-leaning states like Montana, Texas, and Ohio.

Democrats attempt to flip the Florida Legislature flopped in 2022

The Sunshine State was a top target state for the NDRC in 2022 but Democrats were washed away in the landslide victory by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Republicans gained seats in the State House and State Senate on their way to supermajorities in both chambers after that election.

After 2022, Democrats no longer hold any statewide elected offices.

DeSantis’ Congressional map – which produced a 20 to 8 Republican advantage in U.S. Representatives – was challenged in courts by Democrats but a federal court upheld it.

President Joe Biden wants to make a play for Florida this fall with his campaign saying the Sunshine State was “winnable.”

But the early polling suggests he’s facing an uphill battle.

A recent Emerson poll found him trailing former President Donald Trump in Florida by 13 points, 51% to 38%.

“Man, [Joe Biden] has a different definition of winnable than I do,” Republican Party of Florida Chairman Evan Power said on X in reaction to the poll.

Florida Republicans have stretched their advantage in registered voters over Democrats to more than 900,000.

The Sunshine State is looking increasingly like a lost cause for Democrats this fall.

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