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Joe Biden’s struggling re-election campaign is limping toward a November rematch with Donald Trump.

Now he’s facing a revolt from one of the key parts of the Democrats’ political coalition.

And Ben Carson made one prediction about 2024 that left Joe Biden shaking in his boots.

Polls show that Joe Biden is facing historic loss of support with black voters

Black voters have been the most reliable demographic in the Democrat Party’s political coalition for decades.

But polls indicate that a potential political realignment could be underway.

President Joe Biden has been losing support in public polling from black voters since he won them overwhelmingly in the 2020 Election.

Former President Donald Trump has gained support from black voters, particularly younger black men.

CNN data reporter Harry Enten was stunned by the results of a recent New York Times/Siena poll showing Trump doubling his black support since 2020.

“My goodness gracious,” Enten said in reaction to Trump’s support with black voters in the poll.

“If this held through the general election, obviously we’re still months away, this would be by far the best performance for a Republican candidate among black voters in a generation, two generations, probably since 1960 and Richard Nixon against John Kennedy, that’s how long we’re really talking about when we’re looking at this margin here,” Enten explained. “This could be a truly historic margin. It’s quite a troubling sign for the Biden campaign.”

Ben Carson predicts that black voters are in play for Donald Trump

Black voters are often thought of as monolithically Democrat.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson – Trump’s former Housing and Urban Development Secretary – said that black voters care about the issues just like any other group in America.

He was asked about Trump’s growing support with black voters during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

Carson said that like everyone else in the country, they’re concerned about crime, inflation, and illegal immigration.

“I think, you know, black Americans are no different than any other Americans. You know they feel the pinch of the inflation. You know they know what it feels like when they have to go fill up their gas tank,” Carson said. “They see the crime that’s running rampant that people, repeat offenders, are being let out of prison and endangering them and their neighborhoods.”

Carson predicted that Trump would do better with black voters than his 2020 campaign.

He added that black voters can see how Democrats are ignoring their concerns to prioritize illegal aliens.

“They see what’s happening at the border and how that’s impacting their own communities. How other people’s issues are being put on the front burner while their issues are being put on the back burner,” Carson continued. “I think those are the issues that are pushing them toward Trump.”

A small shift in the black vote toward Republicans would be a cataclysmic event for Democrats in tightly contested battleground states and Congressional districts.

American politics could be undergoing a major realignment if the shift in the black vote comes to fruition in the November election.

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