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Dennis Quaid is one of the rare conservatives in Hollywood.

The Veteran Actor isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

And Dennis Quaid uttered two words about Donald Trump that Democrats are going to hate.

Dennis Quaid praises Donald Trump for holding a rally in the Bronx

Former President Donald Trump traveled to the South Bronx to hold a rally in one of the bluest counties in the country.

But the event was a chance to test his message in hostile territory and, according to polls, with his growing support among black and Hispanic voters.

A crowd of nearly 10,000 people gathered in Crotona Park to hear the former President deliver his message of reversing the country’s decline under President Joe Biden.

CNN was forced to admit that the crowd was “certainly much larger than the Biden campaign would like” at the event.

Veteran Actor Dennis Quaid praised Trump rallying in the Bronx during an appearance on Fox News’ Jesse Watters Primetime.

“I really admire Trump for going into the neighborhoods,” Quaid said. “You know, people relate to that. They really do. If anything, all these events that have been conspiring against him have actually made him more human to people.”

“Donald Trump has been talking about cleaning house, which, you know, kind of making a clean sweep to start over,” Quaid continued. “That doesn’t mean being a dictator. That just means that we started doing what the American people have asked us to do.”

Quaid compares Trump’s BIG Bronx visit to Ronald Reagan

Quaid is starring as President Ronald Reagan in the upcoming biopic Reagan, which is set to be released in August.

The actor – an admirer of the 40th President and student of history – noted that Reagan made a “very significant” trip to the South Bronx in the summer of 1980.

“It took guts to go there,” Quaid said. “He could have wound up with egg on his face.”

Reagan slammed then-President Jimmy Carter for ignoring neighborhoods like the Bronx during his visit.

Quaid said that Reagan was his favorite President, calling him a “man of the people” and a “great communicator.”

The actor said that the biopic will remind viewers of the country’s greatness.

“It’s a really good movie that will remind us of how America used to be and what America can be,” Quaid explained. “You know, it’s . . . kind of a presentation of Reagan. He was a great human being, and I’m proud of the movie.”

Host Jesse Watters asked him if they thought there were any similarities between 1980 and today.

Quaid recalled one of the most important questions in political history.

“Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Quaid asked.

Reagan asked voters to consider that question during his lone debate with Carter during the 1980 Election.

Reagan went on to win the election in a landslide over Carter.

Donald Trump is hoping voters will consider that same question when they head into the voting booth this November.

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