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Donald Trump is looking to build on his lead in the polls against Joe Biden.

Now he’s hoping to shore up a weak spot with the electorate.

And Donald Trump has one secret weapon that could turn the election upside down.

Former First Lady Melania Trump has kept a low profile during her husband’s latest Presidential campaign.

She stayed out of the spotlight by choice to focus on caring for her late mother who passed away earlier this year.

Now she’s set to start hitting the campaign trail in support of her husband.

Melania Trump is her husband’s secret weapon

The polls between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are beginning to tighten as the General Election campaign begins to kick into high gear.

According to the New York Post, Melania Trump is going to be used by her husband’s campaign as a contrast to his no-holds-barred style

She’s going to be the “softer, more moderate voice” of her husband’s campaign.

“The Trump campaign recognizes that Melania is their secret weapon,” a source close to the Trump campaign told the Post. “Her appeal is critical to win battleground states and undecided voters, especially now that they’ve won the primary and are hyper-focused on the general.”

Her elegant charm can help appeal to the undecided voters that could make or break her husband’s chances this November.

“This is just the beginning of using softer faces and voices as surrogates,” Democrat strategist Hank Sheinkopf explained. “They’re coming up with a more diverse picture — they’re trying to make voters feel more comfortable.”

The former First Lady can also boost the campaign’s fundraising effort to close the gap with Biden.

“People will ask me if Melania will be at a fundraiser before they sign up,” a campaign source told the Post. “People really like her . . . she is a huge asset to the campaign and to fundraising.”

Media smear campaign falls to pieces

Melania Trump is famously private and that opened her up to baseless rumors from the media about her whereabouts during her husband’s campaign.

A rival Republican Presidential campaign even distributed “Missing Melania” literature ahead of the Iowa caucus.

“It is a real marriage and Melania is absolutely his biggest supporter . . . and all in on Trump,” a source said. “They want the public to see that too.”

She’s played a role advising her husband and, according to a report from Axios, encouraged him to pick former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as his Vice President.

“Could she turn the election?” Sheinkopf wondered. “At this point, anything could turn the election.”

Melania Trump could be a powerful surrogate on the campaign trail as the election starts to heat up.

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