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Donald Trump is going on the offensive for the 2024 Election.

Now, he’s left Democrats in a state of panic in one of their must-win states. 

And Donald Trump left Joe Biden reeling after he threw him a curveball in this swing state. 

Donald Trump promises to end taxes on tips at Nevada rally

Former President Donald Trump is back on the campaign trail after his conviction in a kangaroo court in Manhattan.

He headed to Las Vegas, Nevada in what’s become one of the most surprising swing states this election cycle.

Trump lost Nevada in 2016 and 2020, but this time around he appears to be the favorite in a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican President since George W. Bush in 2004.

He’s led in every public poll out of the state since last October.

Trump left Democrats in Nevada stunned when he unveiled a new campaign promise at his Las Vegas rally.

“Hotel workers and people that get tips, you’re going to be very happy because when I get to office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips,” Trump said at the Las Vegas rally. “We’re going to do that right away first thing in office because it’s been a point of contention for years and years and years, and you do a great job of service.”

About 25% of private sector workers are employed in the hospital sector – mostly connected to the state’s famous casino industry.

Trump’s landmark tax cut bill sunsets next year, and negotiations are already underway about extending if he wins the election.

And he’s promised to add additional tax cuts to it.

Nevada voters say they back Trump after promise not to tax tips

The powerful Culinary Workers Union that represents many of the employees working in the casino industry was “totally bamboozled” by Trump’s pledge.


Culinary Union Bosses wouldn’t come out in support of a policy that helps their workers because Trump proposed it.

A tip is a voluntary gift from a customer to an employee, but it’s treated like income by the IRS.

The IRS claims it wants to target the wealthy, but it spends its time chasing a 10% marginal tax rate for tipped workers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that employers reported $38 billion in tips in 2018 and most of that came in at a 12% or below marginal rate, making a negligible loss in tax revenue. 

CBS News reporter Olivia Rinaldi said that she talked to hotel workers who were ready to switch their vote to Trump based on his pledge to not tax tips.

“I did talk with some hotel workers yesterday, some service workers here in Las Vegas about how that is playing with them,” Rinaldi said. “And Anne-Marie about six people told me that would change their vote. That is enough to make them switch from voting Democrat to Republican if Donald Trump is promising something like that to them.”

Nevada hasn’t voted for a Republican in 20 years.

Donald Trump could flip the Silver State red and make President Joe Biden’s path to 270 Electoral Votes more difficult.

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