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The Left is pulling out all the stops to maintain their control after the 2024 Election.

Now they’re deploying their biggest donor to quietly take over one industry.

And George Soros entered the 2024 picture with this scary decision.

One of the biggest fears for Democrats heading into the 2024 Election is President Joe Biden hemorrhaging support from black and Hispanic voters.

This shift away from Biden has the warning light flashing red for Democrats with notable party members like former Clinton strategist James Carville fretting about young black men walking away.

George Soros makes his move for 2024

Globalist billionaire George Soros is using his Soros Fund Management to take control of the airwaves in the country.

The Soros Management Fund has been aggressively acquiring radio and podcast networks.

About one-third of all media consumed in the country is audio and about half of Americans still listen to the radio in their vehicles.

In minority communities, that number is even higher.

Now the Soros fund is one of the biggest players in the radio after he was able to swoop in and scoop up a bankrupt radio empire in February.

“In February, the company became the largest shareholder in Audacy, the bankrupt second-largest radio company in the U.S., with more than 230 U.S. stations and a podcast arm that includes Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios,” Semafor reported.

Soros has control of major radio stations in key swing states like Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Now his fund reportedly has its sights set on Cumulus Media, the second-largest owner of radio stations in the country with a reach of nearly 250 million people.

Soros buys up Hispanic radio network

In 2022, Lakestar Finance – a front group for the Soros Management Fund – bought 18 major Spanish-language radio stations around the country.

This included the conservative Radio Mambí in Miami, Florida which was run by anti-communist exiles from Cuba.

Hosts on the station protested the purchase and left for a new radio network.

Radio is an influential medium for reaching Hispanic audiences in the U.S.

“Hispanics are avid audio consumers,” media research firm Nielsen said. 

94% of Hispanics in the 18-49 age range listen to AM/FM radio every month. 

“The importance of Spanish-language media is very clear through the lens of radio,” Nielsen added.

Radio is still an important medium to reach many Americans, especially in minority communities. 

Now the Soros network is becoming a power player by taking control of the radio airwaves across the country.

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