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The problems are piling up with no end in sight for Joe Biden.

He was hit with a nasty surprise that he never saw coming. 

And Joe Biden is in big trouble for 2024 for one reason that he never saw coming.

Fast food prices could be a big reason behind Joe Biden’s troubles 

President Joe Biden and his allies in the media claim that the economy is doing great.

They point to a few cherry-picked metrics to paint a false picture of the state of the dreadful Biden economy.

Inflation has become one of the biggest issues of the 2024 Election after four decades from the President’s socialist spending spree.

And customers of fast-food restaurants have a painful reminder of surging prices under Biden every time they go to pay their bills.

“Working class voters are unhappy about President Biden’s economy. That may be partly due to the price of their Happy Meals,” Axios reported.

The price of everything across the board is up about 20% since Biden took office.

Fast food prices have had some of the biggest price hikes of his administration, outpacing gas and groceries.

Data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis found that fast food prices have increased by more than 25% since Biden entered the White House in January 2021.

Surging fast food prices hurting Joe Biden with low-income voters 

Fast food has become unaffordable for many low-income Americans looking for a quick, cheap meal.

Walmart data found that many of the customers are eating at home more often because fast food has become unaffordable.

Dollar menus have been eliminated for value menus featuring items that cost up to $4 in some cases.

And many combo meals can now run over $10 at most major fast-food chains.

“In 2020, Biden beat Trump 55%-44% in households earning less than $50,000. In households between $50,000-$99,000, Biden had even bigger margins, at 57%-42%,” Axios reported.

Polling of the 2024 Election has found that these voters have begun to shift to Trump as the cost of living crisis continues to drag on.

“Biden relied on working class voters to win in 2020, but high prices and high interest rates are hitting the poorest Americans the hardest,” the report continues. “Biden is now either losing, or splitting, lower income voters, according to survey after survey,” Axios also reported.

Former President Donald Trump has made major gains based on polling with black and Hispanic voters who have been pummeled by inflation.

Democrats and their media allies claim that the Biden economy is booming.

The elites are befuddled as to why voters think the economy is abysmal under the President. 

But anyone looking at the prices on a menu board at the McDonald’s drive-thru knows the truth. 

The price of a fast food meal has outstripped the average wage gains for workers under Biden. 

Life has become more expensive under Joe Biden across the board.

And a trip to McDonald’s is becoming a luxury that’s out of reach for many lower-income voters who are struggling to make ends meet.

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