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Joe Biden knows his re-election campaign is in big trouble.

Now he’s reaching deep into his bag of tricks to get things back on track. 

And Joe Biden is using this terrible secret weapon to flip a must-wing swing state.

Michigan has emerged as a five-alarm fire for the Biden campaign

Michigan emerged as one of the most important swing states in the country during the last two Presidential elections.

Former President Donald Trump won it narrowly in the 2016 Election before it flipped to President Joe Biden in the 2020 Election.

This election cycle, Trump has all of the momentum in the state.

He’s led in virtually every public poll out of Michigan since November.

Electric vehicles have become a flashpoint in the state as Biden tries to force a great transition on Detroit’s Big 3 automakers.

Michigan is home to the American auto industry and has the most autoworkers out of any state in the country.

Biden’s electric vehicle revolution is poised to decimate Michigan’s auto industry and ship good-paying American jobs to China or Mexico. 

China controls the electric vehicle supply chain and the manufacturing of the batteries that are used to power them.

And these Bidenmobiles have fewer moving parts than a traditional internal combustion engine, which would mean fewer jobs for American auto workers.

One in five jobs in Michigan is either directly or indirectly supported by the auto industry.

Biden only won the state by about 150,000 votes in the 2020 Election.

Now he’s trying to shower Michigan’s auto industry with cash in an election year to boost his chances in the state.

Joe Biden trying to buy off auto workers in Michigan in shameless election-year stunt

The White House announced that it was spending $100 million to help small and medium auto manufacturers and workers as part of a new initiative. 

Coincidently, smaller auto parts suppliers are poised to be the hardest hit by the transition to electric vehicles.

The Biden Energy Department is spending $50 million on its Automotive Conversion Grants Program to help smaller and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers convert to producing parts for electric vehicles.

This is an election-year payoff that won’t help these companies survive in the long term because electric vehicles have fewer parts and the main ones are produced in China.

Biden’s Energy Department also announced that it was dedicating $50 million to the Industrial Assessments Center Implementation Grants Program to boost projects that help energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the programs in Detroit with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D), Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, and Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su.

Biden knows that his electric vehicle agenda is bad news for Michigan so he’s hoping to funnel enough cash into the state to get through the election.

While Harris was touting the new investments in Michigan, the Biden administration announced that its electric vehicle tax credit created by the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act would expand to more vehicles with Chinese-made parts.

Joe Biden is banking on voters in Michigan not noticing that he’s destroying the American auto industry until it’s too late.

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