Democrats are on edge every time that Joe Biden opens his mouth in public.

The President confirmed their worst fears during a lengthy interview.

And Joe Biden made one big promise to Howard Stern that Democrats are going to hate.

Joe Biden does a rare interview with Howard Stern

President Joe Biden has gone out of his way to avoid sit-down interviews with the press during his first term in office.

Biden’s handlers have gone out of their way to protect him from any situation that could set him up for trouble.

The New York Times issued a scathing statement slamming the President for avoiding interviews with the press.

One day after that statement was released, Biden conducted a rare hour-long interview with former shock jock Howard Stern – who now calls himself proudly woke – on SiriusXM.

Appearing on Stern’s show for an interview would have, at one point in time, created a controversy in itself.

But Stern, who was once known for his raunchy antics on air that ran afoul of censors, behaved like a sycophant straight out of MSNBC.

The interview was heavy on Biden’s biography, where the President told numerous outlandish stories like women sending him “salacious pictures” in the 1970s while receiving Secret Service protection as a Senator, arrests that never happened, and saving six people as a lifeguard.

Joe Biden agrees to debate Donald Trump

The most significant thing to come out of Biden’s interview with Stern – in between his lies – was he finally agreed to debate former President Donald Trump.

“I don’t know if you’re going to debate your opponent,” Stern said.

“I am, somewhere, I don’t know when but I’m happy to debate him,” Biden replied.

The Biden campaign had spent months setting up the possibility that he would skip the customary Presidential debates before those remarks.

Biden previously told reporters that “It depends on his behavior” when asked about debating.

“If I were him I’d want to debate me too,” Biden said in February. “He’s got nothing else to do.”

Biden and Democrats were setting the stage to have the President skip the debates and cite validating Trump’s behavior with them as an excuse.

Debating is fraught with peril for the 82-year-old President.

One freeze or stumble on national television could validate voters’ very concerns that he’s too old to serve another four years in the White House.

Trump has been pushing to debate anywhere, anytime, and anyplace ahead of the election.

“Everyone knows he doesn’t really mean it, but in case he does, I say, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, an old expression used by Fighters,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform after Biden’s interview.

Biden’s campaign hoped that they could repeat their strategy of keeping him out of the public spotlight for as much as possible during the campaign.

But the President is trailing in national and swing state polling.

Biden needs the debates to make the case to the American people that he’s up to the task of serving a second term.

And the 82-year-old President stepping onto the debate stage will leave Democrats filled with dread.

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