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The 2024 Election is going to be decided in a handful of states across the country.

One wrong move could cost one of the candidates the Presidency.

And Joe Biden made one colossal blunder that could cost him a must-win swing state.

Pennsylvania has emerged as one of the most important swing states in the country for the 2024 Election.

President Joe Biden carried the state by about 80,000 votes in the 2020 Election.

But polling out Pennsylvania shows him in a virtual deadlock with former President Donald Trump this election cycle.

Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda costing him in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is experiencing a natural gas boom thanks to fracking that’s created tens of thousands of good-paying jobs.

That industry is being threatened by Biden’s Green New Deal policies that aim to wipe out fossil fuels to boost green energy.

The Wall Street Journal interviewed Pennsylvanians who grew up around Pittsburgh and switched parties.

John Sabo watched nearly 200,000 jobs in the steel industry and manufacturing in Western Pennsylvania vanish during his life.

Sabo told the Journal that he and his family were old-school moderate Blue Dog Democrats.

“The Blue Dog Democrat has the same exact feelings and thoughts as back then, but now they’re voting red,” Sabo explained.

Sabo said that he voted for Trump in the last two elections and would never vote for Democrat again.

Blue-collar voters in the state are shifting toward Trump because Biden’s extreme environmental agenda threatens their livelihood.

“Biden has been particularly hurt by his decision to cancel the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which local companies say cut into demand for their services; and his order this year to pause new permits to export liquefied natural gas, which could deprive drillers of new markets. Many of these voters also believe the president’s push for Americans to adopt electric vehicles will undercut jobs tied to fossil fuels,” the Journal reported.

Energy jobs on the line this fall

Jobs in the oil and gas industry in Western Pennsylvania are crucial for the area after the decline of steel and manufacturing.

Sabo said that a high school graduate can start out making $85,000 a year without any experience.

“Everyone here is aware that it’s better for oil and gas if Republicans get elected,” Sabo’s co-worker Adam Kress said.

Kress left the Democrat Party after he began working in the oil and gas industry.

Even a small shift in the blue-collar vote away from Biden could cost him the state.

And Joe Biden’s war on American energy production could cost him dearly in a state that’s likely to come down to the wire again in this election.

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