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Democrats were hoping the dynamics of the 2024 Election would turn in their favor.

Now, they’re discovering how bad things can get for the party.

And John Fetterman is worried sick after he got the worst possible news about 2024.

Former CNN pundit says a Donald Trump win guarantees a GOP Senate

Democrats were able to defy political gravity during the 2022 Midterm Elections when the party gained a seat in the Senate.

U.S. Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) and the other Senate Democrats running that cycle were able to beat expectations against the expected red wave.

Now, the luck could be running for out Senate Democrats in 2024, according to former CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza.

He said that if former President Donald Trump wins the election, he would carry enough Republican Senate candidates across the finish line to give the GOP majority. 

“One seat pickup [is] necessary if Donald Trump wins for Republicans,” Cillizza said. “If Donald Trump loses, they need to pick up two seats to be in the majority because then the tiebreaker would be a Democratic Vice President. Okay, so one seat if Trump wins, two seats if Trump loses.”

There are 23 Democrat-controlled Senate seats up this year compared to 11 for Republicans.

“And it’s actually even worse than that because of those 23 Democratic seats, three, West Virginia, Ohio, and Montana . . . went for Donald Trump by pretty considerable margins in 2020,” Cillizza explained. “And my guess is he’ll win in 2024 as well. Those are all held by Democrats currently but in states Trump won.”

President Joe Biden didn’t carry any of the 11 states that have a Republican Senator up for re-election this year.

That leaves Senate Democrats nowhere to go on offense this cycle.

Cillizza said that West Virginia’s Senate seat would be flipped by Republicans after U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) retired.

Democrats on the defensive across the country

The former CNN pundit said that U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) faced a tough challenge from Trump-backed Republican challenger Bernie Moreno.

“Again, I think if we have a totally neutral political environment, then Sherrod Brown might win,” Cillizza said. “But my guess is Trump’s going to win Ohio by 7, 8, 9 points. And that could make it hard for Sherrod Brown. And Moreno would benefit from that.”

Cillizza predicted that U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was in “his hardest race ever for two reasons.”

“One, he’s on the ballot at the same time Donald Trump is. So in 2020, Trump won Montana by double digits . . . And he’s probably going to repeat that performance in this November. Which means that Tester has to over-perform Joe Biden by double digits to beat a guy named Tim Sheehy, who is a wealthy business guy, never run for anything before,” Cillizza stated.

In Nevada, U.S. Senator Jackie Rosen (D-NV) could go down if President Joe Biden loses the state.

He predicted that if Trump won Nevada by a couple of points that it might doom Rosen.

Republicans are also going on the offensive in Senate races in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

“Okay, so I just went through eight . . . Democratic seats that are in some level of peril,” Cillizza said. “West Virginia is gone. Ohio, Montana, and Nevada are probably toss-ups. And I would say the next four, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, I would call slightly lean Democrat. Out of those, I’d be most worried if I were Democrats about Michigan, then Arizona, then Pennsylvania, then Wisconsin.”

The bottom line is the Democrats need every break to go their way to keep control of the Senate after the 2024 Election.

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