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 Donald Trump is venturing into hostile turf for Republicans this election.

He’s trying to bring new voters into the GOP. 

And New Yorkers gave Democrats one hard truth about Donald Trump they’re going to hate.

Donald Trump holds a rally in the South Bronx 

Former President Donald Trump surprised the political class by deciding to hold a political rally in the South Bronx.

The Bronx is a mostly Hispanic and black community that overwhelmingly votes for Democrats.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has him tied down in New York City with his sham case.

So Trump decided to bring his America First message to an area that’s been devastated by Democrat policies.

The former President didn’t pull any punches at his rally held in Bronx’s Cratona Park.

“Joe Biden is the worst President in the history of our country,” Trump told the crowd. “And our country’s going to hell, but we’re going to turn it around.”

He leaned into the economy during his speech by pointing out the success of his administration.

“On day one, we’re gonna throw up Bidenomics. We’re gonna replace it with ‘Maganomics’!” he declared. “I will give you low taxes, low inflation, low interest rates, rising wages, growing incomes, and fair trade for the American worker and we will make energy affordable again by saying ‘drill baby drill,’” Trump said.

Media stunned by the message from Bronx rallygoers 

Democrats and their media allies dismissed the rally, claiming that Trump would get a hostile welcome.

Polling shows that Trump is making major gains with black and Hispanic voters this election cycle.

But it remains to be seen if that will translate at the polls.

Fox News host Rachel Campos Duffy traveled to the South Bronx to interview residents ahead of the rally.

“Was life in the Bronx better under Donald Trump or under Joe Biden?” Duffy asked a Bronx resident.

“It was better under Donald Trump,” the Bronx resident replied. “I can tell you that the Bronx has been through many changes . . . everything was getting back on track. And then, you know, everything is like falling apart again.”

The cost of living crisis from rising interest rates and inflation has hammered communities like the Bronx.

“Senior citizens can’t walk in the street,” the Bronx resident added. “Our children are being killed. Groceries, when you go to the grocery store and you can’t even buy anything anymore.”

Biden and Democrats have made it clear that illegal aliens are their priority over suffering American citizens.

Duffy asked another Bronx resident what Biden could do to regain support.

“Nothing . . . Even if he did something, we’re beyond the point of no return when everybody is on the Trump train,” the resident replied.

“I’m a Democrat. All my life I have been a Democrat,” the resident continued. “But Democrats have used us and abused us . . . And they think that they own us. And Donald Trump, he is giving us opportunity.”

Even a small shift in the black and Hispanic vote could be decisive in the swing states that will decide the election.

Voters have a clear contrast in how their lives are Joe Biden compared to when Donald Trump was in the White House.

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