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The Democrat Party’s long leap to the Left has left a massive bloc of old-school liberals feeling politically homeless.

Enter Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who is suddenly acting the role of a “moderate, populist liberal.” 

But now RFK Jr. is at odds with his running mate after he finally made his radical abortion stance crystal clear. 

Once a Kennedy, always a Kennedy 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wanted to challenge sitting President Joe Biden in a Democrat Party Primary.

However, the party wasn’t about to let that happen and risk President Biden entering the general election bloodied.

So they rearranged the dates of the Primary contests to advantage Biden.

They weren’t done there, also refusing to put on any Primary debates, despite the fact that at one point, Kennedy was garnering support in the polls from about one out of every five Democrat Primary voters.

Once RFK Jr. realized the fix was in, he left the Primary and launched an independent bid for the White House.

Since then, he’s been campaigning as a moderate populist – hoping to take votes away from former President Donald Trump. 

However, Kennedy is far from a moderate and not at all a MAGA populist. 

The third-party Presidential candidate is a tax-and-spend liberal to the Left of his famous uncle, JFK, he’s been a long-time supporter of open borders, and is a climate alarmist. 

And now he just put his radical position abortion position on full display – and he did so without his Vice Presidential candidate – who is also his largest donor – having the first clue about it. 

Sage Steele grills RFK Jr. 

Last week, former ESPN host Sage Steele released an interview she conducted with RFK Jr. 

While Kennedy’s anti-vax stance likely appeals to Steele, she wasn’t about to give him a softball interview. 

Steele was determined to ask the tough questions and dig for the legacy candidate’s real positions. 

As you can see in the nearly 30-second clip above, at one point the conversation steered to abortion. 

Kennedy was murky while explaining his stance – so Steele sought to clarify. 

“So, in other words, keeping it as is, with Roe v. Wade being overturned, and leaving it up to the states to determine if and when a woman can have an abortion,” Steele asked. 

“No, I wouldn’t leave it to the states,” Kennedy answered. “I believe we should leave it to the woman. We shouldn’t have government involved.” 

“Even if it (the baby) is full term,” Steele followed up. 

“Even if it’s full term,” Kennedy affirmed. “I don’t think it’s ever OK.” 

Steele brought up that his position would allow for late-term abortions – which the vast majority of Americans oppose. 

“I think we have to leave it to the women rather than the state,” Kennedy repeated. 

RFK Jr.’s runningmate left in the dark 

RFK Jr.’s support for abortion right up to the point of delivery, for any reason, without exception, surprised many people who bought into his claims of being a moderate. 

And one of the people most surprised was Kennedy’s running mate, Big-Tech lawyer Nicole Shanahan. 


Steele interviews Shanahan shortly after her interview with Kennedy – but before the RFK Jr. video went public. 

She asked the third-party Vice Presidential candidate if she agreed with Kennedy’s stance on full-term abortions. 

The ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin was taken off guard by the question. 

“My understanding with Bobby’s position is that, you know, every abortion is a tragedy, is a loss of life,” Shanahan said. “My understanding is that he absolutely believes in limits on abortion, and we’ve talked about this. I do not think, I don’t know where that came from.”

The answer to Shanahan’s question is quite clear. 

It came directly from the mouth of her ticketmate, RFK Jr. 

“That is not my understanding of his position,” Shanahan added. “I think maybe there was a miscommunication there.”

There wasn’t. 

Steele triple verified Kennedy’s support of abortion up to the point of delivery. 

But according to Shanahan, she has a different position on abortion than her boss. 

“As a mom, and a person with a womb, I don’t like the feeling of anyone having control over my body,” Shanahan said. “It is coercive. It is wrong. But, I am also a woman that would not feel right terminating a viable life living inside of me, especially if I am both healthy and that baby is healthy. I can hold both beliefs, as someone who believes in the sacredness of life, simultaneously.”

Her stance actually doesn’t sound much different than Jr.’s.  

Furthermore, a woman who isn’t a woke radical isn’t very likely to describe herself as a “person with a womb” – the word “woman” is the succinct way to say that.  

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Does RFK Jr.’s support of full-term abortion change your opinion of him and his candidacy?     

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