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Joy Behar fancies herself as a serious political pundit with her tirades on The View.

But every time she opens her mouth viewers are left shaking their heads. 

And The View’s Joy Behar utterly humiliated herself with this prediction about Donald Trump.

Joe Biden agrees to debate Donald Trump after hesitation 

President Joe Biden challenged former President Donald Trump to two Presidential debates with a video on social media.

For months, Biden waffled about participating in the debates claiming in February they would be contingent on Trump’s behavior.

Protecting the President by keeping him off the debate stage is no longer an option.

Biden’s poll numbers aren’t turning around and he needs to do something to change the trajectory of the race.

Putting the feeble 82-year-old President on live TV is an opportunity for him to make a catastrophic gaffe or freeze up.

Democrats like former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) didn’t want Biden to debate.

But both candidates agreed to two debates and the stage is set for them to square off.

Joy Behar predicts that Donald Trump won’t show up for the debate

The View co-host Joy Behar predicted that Trump would skip the Presidential debates despite the former President accepting Biden’s challenge.

Biden’s campaign set not having an audience as one of the terms for the two debates – one on CNN in June and the other on ABC in September.

“It gives him a way to get out of it by saying, ‘Look I’m not doing it without an audience,’” Behar claimed.

Trump agreed to the terms set by the Biden campaign.

Behar’s co-hosts reminded her that Trump had already agreed to the terms.

“We’ll see when it comes time,” Behar said.

She laughably claimed that the debates would show a contrast between a serious statesman and “Bozo the Clown.”

“It’s like you have Bozo the Clown on one side and you’ve got a statesman on the other who has had years under his belt of being in the Senate,” Behar ranted. “He knows what he’s talking about.”

Democrats are going to be on the edge of their seats during the debates hoping that Biden doesn’t claim he recently talked to a world leader who died in the 1980s or forget what year it is.

Behar claimed again that Trump would only debate with any audience.

“He’s going to stack the audience with Trumpers like he did at that town hall on CNN,” Behar remarked.

Her co-hosts reminded her again that there was going to be no audience.

“Oh, wait a minute. I misunderstood,” Behar claimed.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg tried to explain that the terms had been agreed to again.

“I know that, but I don’t think he’s going to go for it,” Behar told Goldberg.

Her co-hosts were becoming visibly frustrated trying to explain to her that debates were agreed upon.

“I don’t believe him. He’s the biggest liar,” Behar ranted. “I know what I was saying.”

The 81-year-old Behar was either confused or couldn’t accept the terrifying reality for Democrats of Biden being on live TV without a teleprompter for over an hour.

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PREDICTION: Will Joe Biden try to back out of the debates?

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