Donald Trump needs a new running mate.

Trump’s Vice-Presidential selection will be the last major decision before the general election.

And this woman said she would accept Donald Trump’s offer to be Vice President.

Tulsi Gabbard says she would say yes to being Trump’s running mate

Tulsi Gabbard left the Democrat Party in 2022, saying that woke warmongers took over the party.

Gabbard endorsed Trump-backed candidates like Kari Lake and J.D. Vance.

Gabbard also became a regular on Tucker Carlson’s show, where she warned about Joe Biden sleepwalking America into World War III in Ukraine.

Now, Gabbard’s prospects are rising to be Trump’s running mate.

Gabbard recently met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago to discuss how to staff the Pentagon with conservatives loyal to Trump’s America First agenda.

Gabbard also got a chance to show off her ability to wow donors when she keynoted a fundraiser at Trump’s estate.

Gabbard is a decorated combat veteran who served in the Iraq War and a woman who could appeal to suburban moms worried about woke ideology taking over their kid’s schools.

Now Trump is looking for someone loyal to him and his agenda, and Gabbard would check both of those boxes.

In an interview with Commentator Dave Rubin, Gabbard said she would accept the position on Trump’s ticket as the running mate if offered.

“If that call came I would say yes. I’d be honored to serve my country in that way,” Gabbard stated.

Gabbard already generated running mate buzz

Independent Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reportedly offered Gabbard the position as running mate on his ticket.

But perhaps owing to her chances of serving with Trump increasing by the day, Gabbard declined.

“I met with Kennedy several times, and we have become good friends,” a statement from Gabbard read.

“He asked if I would be his running mate. After careful consideration, I respectfully declined,” Gabbard added.

Gabbard’s rise comes as Kristi Noem’s chances fall

Gabbard doesn’t have to worry about competing with one contender.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was thought to be on the running mate shortlist.

Not anymore.

For some inexplicable reason, Noem gruesomely described how she blew her dog Cricket’s brains out in a gravel pit because the dog proved to be “untrainable.”

“I hated that dog,” Noem wrote.

Noem said Crickets was “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with,” adding that it was “less than worthless . . . as a hunting dog.”

When Crickets attacked chickens at someone else’s farm, Noem said she knew a line was crossed.

“At that moment,” Noem added, “I realized I had to put her down.”

That’s when Noem executed Crickets.

“It was not a pleasant job,” Noem wrote. “But it had to be done. And after it was over, I realized another unpleasant job needed to be done.”

Picking Gabbard would rekindle the anti-establishment, outsider ethos that turned Trump’s 2016 campaign into a phenomenon.

When Donald Trump ran in 2016 – and throughout his Presidency – the Deep State continuously fought Trump for trying to end wars in Syria and Afghanistan.

If Trump wins a second term, foreign policy will, once again, serve as a flash point.

And if Trump wants someone he can count on to stand firm on an America First foreign policy, Tulsi Gabbard would be right up there in terms of top choices.

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