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Joe Biden’s Presidency has gone completely off the rails. 

Even Democrats are beginning to worry about how bad things have gotten.

And a top Obama official issued a dire warning about this surprising problem facing Joe Biden.

Black voters have been the bedrock of the Democrat Party’s electoral coalition.

Democrat Presidential candidates can normally count on winning roughly 90% of the black vote nationally.

But Democrats and their media allies are sounding the alarm on Biden’s weakness with black voters after a series of polls showed his support waning with them.

Top advisor to Barack Obama warns black voters are abandoning Joe Biden

CNN senior political commentator David Axelrod – who served as a strategist to former President Barack Obama – warned that polls showing black voters abandoning Biden weren’t a statistical anomaly.

“I don’t dismiss the issue of young black men, and I think that’s something that the Biden campaign and Democrats need to keep an eye on because I don’t think it’s just a statistical blip,” Axelrod said on CNN This Morning. “This has been a trend line, and that’s why I think there is an economic track that has to be pursued here as well.”

Poll after poll shows black voters have a problem with Joe Biden

A New York Times/Sienna College poll found that Biden’s support with black voters dropped from 92% in 2020 to 71% in their survey. 

In the six battleground states, the poll found that 22% of black voters said they would vote for former President Donald Trump.

An October Fox News poll found that Biden had a 74% to 26% lead with black voters over Trump.

A Democrat Presidential candidate normally doesn’t have to worry about the black vote.

But a slew of polls have found that Biden’s support with them is dropping from the 2020 Election.

Even a small shift in the black vote toward Trump can have a big impact on the election.

Black voters abandoning Biden could put states like Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina in Trump’s column on Election Day.

The illegal immigration crisis is one of the issues that’s driving discontent with Biden.

Black voters in Chicago who said they were “lifelong Democrats” threatened to vote against Biden and leave the party over the illegal aliens overwhelming the city.

“What I say to President Biden and the entire Democratic Party is that you have missed the mark with this and you have lost some very committed voters,” a black voter told Fox News.

Joe Biden losing support from a reliable part of the Democrat coalition is the last problem he needs going into November.

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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