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The Democrat Party is facing a massive crisis about what to do with Joe Biden.

Now, they’re discovering that they could be walking into political landmines in every direction. 

And Democrats are facing this awful decision after they got bad news about Joe Biden. 

MSNBC polling expert says that other potential candidates poll better than Joe Biden 

President Joe Biden’s political career is hanging by a thread after turning in a shocking performance at the Presidential debate.

Democrats realize that the 81-year-old President won’t be able to ease voters’ fears about his mental competency to serve four more years.

A growing number of elected Democrats and major donors are trying to force him out of the race to save the party from electoral doom this November.

MSNBC data expert Steve Kornacki gave the anti-Biden camp in the Democrat Party some more ammunition to remove the President.

He said that four potential Democrat replacements poll better against former President Donald Trump than Biden.

“First up, here’s the CNN poll,” Kornacki said. “They have Trump leading nationally 49 to 43%, six points over Joe Biden.”

Kornacki said that the CNN poll’s number had changed since their last one in April but said a six-point was one of Trump’s biggest leads in any survey.

He added that Trump’s leading holding steady in the CNN poll was a sign that it might not be an outlier.

“For this to now be replicated, the same finding of six points twice in the poll, and especially after the fact that this six-point lead for Trump comes after that debate performance and certainly all the criticism and questions around Biden that have followed it, suggest maybe there’s something more than an outlier at work here,” Kornacki explained. 

A six-point national lead for Trump would result in a landslide victory and him winning the popular vote.

“That is especially true because CNN also polled Trump against Kamala Harris. What if Kamala Harris replaced Joe Biden,” Kornacki said. “Take a look at this, again, 49-43 is the margin for Trump against Biden. It’s just 47-45 against Harris. So, it goes from Biden down by six to Harris down by two.”

Kornacki said that California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Biden’s Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

“And in fact, CNN polled four different Democrats against Trump besides Joe Biden, and Biden’s number, a six-point gap, is the worst of any of those four candidates. That’s the CNN poll,” Kornacki added.

Democrats are stuck in a no-win situation in the Presidential race

Democrats are facing multiple options in the Presidential race, and all of them are bad.

Sticking with Biden could set the party for a defeat in November.

Pushing him off the ticket would anger some Democrats that the party’s Presidential nominee was replaced without a Primary.

An untested Presidential candidate would be thrown into the fire less than three months before early voting begins.

Kamala Harris became the most unpopular Vice President in modern history because of her frequent gaffes and word salads.

There’s no guarantee that she or any other Biden replacement wouldn’t do worse.

Now, a nightmare scenario is unfolding for Democrats where they might have to make the pick the least bad option for the Presidential race.

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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