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Donald Trump isn’t running a conventional Republican Presidential campaign.

Now, one unorthodox move could upend the election. 

And Donald Trump is going on the offensive with one move that threw Joe Biden for a loop.

Donald Trump’s campaign launches aggressive outreach strategy to black voters

Black voters are historically one of the pillars of the Democrat Party. 

But President Joe Biden has seen his support slip with them – especially black men – according to polling.

Now, former President Donald Trump is launching an aggressive outreach strategy aimed at black voters.

Representatives Byron Donalds (R-FL) and Wesley Hunt (R-TX) are serving as Trump’s top surrogates for connecting with black voters this election cycle.

The Trump campaign put on a “Black American Business Leaders Barbershop Roundtable” at Rocky’s Barbershop in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Donalds, Hunt, Dr. Ben Carson, and local talk-radio host Shelley Winter held a roundtable discussion on Trump’s economic policies.

One of the topics covered was the former President’s recent proposal of not taxing tips – an issue that hits home for barbers who rely on them.

The event will contrast the Trump economy to Biden’s.

“Bidenflation” is leaving “black Americans behind, burdened with higher prices and lower wages,” the Trump campaign’s media advisory read.

Donalds and Hunt are traveling to where Republicans usually don’t go in search of votes for Trump.

Chipping away at the Democrat advantage with black voters 

Democrats have been able to historically count on winning about 90% of the black vote in a Presidential election.

Republicans just need to peel off some of their support to make a difference in battleground states and Congressional districts.

Hunt told the New York Post that if Republicans could get 25% of the black vote, it would leave Democrats in deep trouble.

“So what we’re trying to do is focus on areas where we know we can peel off between 25% and 30% of the black vote, and then mathematically Democrats can’t win,” Hunt explained. “My team and I are spearheading this outreach to actually go to the belly of the beast, to bravely go where no conservative and a Republican has gone in the last 30 years.”

Hunt said that the Trump campaign needs to continue a trend that saw him gain black support from 2016 to 2020.

“It’s a math conversation,” Hunt added. “We’ve been looking at polling and trends for the past two years. President Trump in 2020 got 18.7% of the black male vote. If we get that number to 25% to 30%, then mathematically Democrats can’t win.”

The Trump campaign contends that the former President is around 20% nationally black voters. 

CNN Senior Data Reporter Harry Enten said that Trump was making historic gains with black voters based on polling during a segment on CNN News Central

“You go from 7%, single-digits at this point in 2020, to now 21% and again, John, I keep looking for signs that this is going to go back to normal and I don’t see it yet in the polling of anything right now,” Enten said. “We’re careening towards a historic performance for a Republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.”

The 2024 Election could see a historic shift in the black vote toward Donald Trump.

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