Joe Biden is on the ropes heading into the 2024 Election.

Democrats are launching a rescue mission to save his struggling campaign.

Now, George Soros is trying to make this scary move to turn 2024 upside down.

George Soros trying to seize control of the nation’s second-largest radio network

Globalist billionaire George Soros is trying to get control of bankrupt radio network, Audacy, ahead of the 2024 Election.

Audacy owns 220 radio stations nationally, including, in most of the swing states, that will decide the next President.

His Soros Management Fund has bought $400 million worth of the bankrupt radio network’s debt and is looking for Biden’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to sign off on his takeover.

A Republican source close to the deal told the New York Post in February he believed that the purchase was made with the election in mind by Soros.

“This is scary,” the source said.

Soros previously bought major Hispanic radio stations around the country and a conservative Spanish language station in Miami, Florida, reformatting to push left-wing propaganda.

President Joe Biden is struggling with black, Hispanic, and younger voters, according to polling.

Audacy’s network of urban radio stations could be used to target demographics that could make or break Biden’s re-election.

House Conservative sounds the alarm on Soros’ power play

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) warned that Biden’s FCC was trying to rush through Soros’ takeover of Audacy.

“I write today regarding Soros Fund Management’s acquisition of over $400 million in debt held by Audacy — the second-largest broadcast radio station owner in the country. Of particular concern, the Soros groups are asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to approve a change in ownership in Audacy without the FCC running its normal, statutorily required process,” Roy wrote in a letter to the FCC.

Roy noted that the FCC was considering granting an exemption to a federal law that prevents foreign companies from owning more than 25% of a radio station.

Soros’ company is asking the FCC to fast-track this exemption.

“But instead of going through the usual petition for declaratory ruling process, which would enable the FCC to review and assess those foreign ownership interests as part of its transaction review, the Soros group has asked the FCC to waive that process and put it off until sometime down the road — indicating that those foreign stakeholders will be given ‘special warrants’ in the meantime,” Roy wrote.

Roy told Fox News Digital that Soros was making a move on local radio control.

“I wanted to pose those questions to . . . understand what’s happening with the FCC on this, and raise the awareness publicly of the extent to which Soros’ people may be using — either the rules to their advantage or frankly, the rules are getting abused to fast-track getting in there and grab that debt as a backdoor way to try to acquire a significant amount of ownership over local radio,” Roy said.

George Soros could get access to tens of millions of voters before the 2024 Election if the FCC signs off on the deal.

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