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The 2024 Election is going to be filled with twists and turns.

A wildcard endorsement came in for Joe Biden from the last person he ever expected.

And Hillary Clinton stopped dead in her tracks when Joe Biden got this shocking endorsement.

Russiagate hoax covered up the truth

Hillary Clinton created a hoax during her 2016 Presidential campaign that Russian President Vladimir Putin was in cahoots with Donald Trump.

Democrats and their media allies ran with that baseless conspiracy theory that continues to this day.

Putin generated headlines in the U.S. when former Fox News host Tucker Carlson traveled to Moscow to interview him.

The Russian President created more controversy when he weighed in on the 2024 Election.

Putin said that President Joe Biden would be better for Russia than former President Donald Trump.

He told Russian state television that Biden is preferable because he’s “more experienced, predictable, an old-school politician.”

Putin added that Russia will “work with any US leader who wins the trust of the American people”.

This news came as a shock for Democrats who took it as an article of faith that Putin and Trump were working together.

Biden or any Democrat would be the better candidate for Russia because of their green energy agenda.

Russia is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and Biden’s war on American energy production has driven up the price of oil to the benefit of Russia.

Putin said that he saw no signs of mental decline when he dealt with Biden in the past.

He said that at a 2021 meeting in Geneva, “they were already saying Biden wasn’t competent [ . . . ] but I saw nothing of the sort. Yes, he looked at his notes, and to be honest, I looked at mine. No big deal. So he banged his head on the helicopter when he was getting out of it — who of us hasn’t banged their head on something?”

He said the controversy over Biden’s mental fitness was part of the Presidential election “getting more and more vicious.”

Trump destroys Biden

Trump responded to Putin’s endorsement of Biden by calling it a “compliment.”

“Now that’s a compliment,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in South Carolina.

The former President said that Putin would prefer Biden because he knows that he can walk over him.

“I got along good with him, but he doesn’t want to have me,” Trump said.

Foreign leaders want to keep Joe Biden in the White House because they know he’s the weakest President since Jimmy Carter.

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