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Democrats are trying to find a way to turn around Joe Biden’s struggling re-election campaign.

They’re tasked with finding a way to convince voters that the country is in good shape. 

And Joe Biden got the worst news possible about this huge problem for 2024.

Joe Biden and Democrats are living in a fantasy world about the economy 

Concerns about inflation and the economy continue to dominate the list of the biggest concerns that voters have for the 2024 Election.

President Joe Biden went on a reckless socialist spending spree that unleashed the worst inflation in four decades.

Prices have gone up more than 20% across the board since he took office in January 2021.

The Federal Reserve raising interest rates to combat inflation has sent mortgage rates, auto loans, and credit card interest rates soaring.

The cost of living is a crisis during the Biden Presidency.

A trip to the store or the gas station is a painful reminder of how much more expensive the basics of life have gotten under Biden.

But Biden and his allies in the media claim that the economy is great by pointing to a few cherry-picked statistics like the unemployment rate.

They’re furious that voters don’t think the Biden economy is in great shape.

Democrats claim without evidence that voters are victims of misinformation on the Biden economy or they haven’t learned about his record.

Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi – a Democrat hack – boasted that the President’s policy is a success. 

“The policies are working. They are quite successful,” Zandi said. “But you can’t even talk about it because everyone’s got a food item they’re buying that’s 25 percent more than four years ago, and they can’t get beyond that.”

Democrats are running out of time to change voter’s minds about the economy

No matter how Democrats want to wish it away or claim that voters are misinformed, they can’t change the fact the country is dealing with a cost of living crisis under Biden.

The Biden administration doesn’t have answers for high prices or empathy for anyone struggling to make ends meet.

That’s why their playbook is to try and blame their failures on corporate greed.

But nothing Democrats have done has changed the public’s sour opinion about the Biden economy.

Behind the scenes, the Biden campaign realizes that they’re running out of time to change voter’s perception of the economy before they become baked in before the election.

“And Democrats are starting to outwardly despair that the economic tailwinds they once imagined lifting Biden to reelection aren’t materializing, at least not in the eyes of voters,” POLITICO reported.

Former Biden Treasury Department official Ben Harris said Democrats were hoping that voters just get used to high prices.

“There is one theory that, as people become more accustomed to the current price levels, they’ll start paying attention to other aspects of the economy,” Harris said. “But that’s a theory. And I’m not sure if it’s true.”

An anonymous White House source was blunt about the situation.

“The big problem is the pain points are things they feel every week, every month, every day,” a Biden source told POLITICO. “Is that fixable? It’s unclear.”

Nothing Joe Biden can say or do will change the pain that voters feel over high prices in their day-to-day lives.

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