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Joe Biden keeps encountering new potholes on his path to winning a second term.

There are no sure things Biden can count on.

And now Joe Biden just learned this scary news that could cost him the election.

Poll shows continued improvement among Hispanic voters for Donald Trump

In 2016, Donald Trump won 32 percent of the Hispanic vote, an improvement in the total won by RINOs John McCain and Mitt Romney despite the media smearing Trump as a racist because Trump correctly said some illegal aliens entering America were murderers and rapists.

Four years later, a Pew study after the election found Trump increased his Hispanic vote share to 38 percent by campaigning on law and order at the border and in American cities.

Polls show continued growth for Trump with Latinos in 2024 as an Axios/Ipsos poll found Trump winning 41 percent of the Latino vote against Joe Biden.

That poll also found Biden’s support with Hispanics down double digits.

Latino voters respond to the Trump agenda

The Axios/Ipsos poll found Latino support surging for Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration and pledge to support the border.

Axios reported that “42% of Latino adults surveyed said they support building a wall or fence along the entire U.S.–Mexico border. That’s a 12-point jump from December 2021.”

“38% support sending all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. back to their country of origin — up from 28% in 2021,” Axios also reported.

And in a finding that will send shivers down the spines of Democrats, Axios reported that the poll found that “64% of Latinos said they support giving the president the authority to shut U.S. borders if there are too many immigrants trying to enter the country. It was the first time the survey asked this question.”

Democrat, pro-amnesty activist, and Hollywood actor John Leguizamo explained that Hispanics were tuning out the media repeating the same tired talking points about Trump being a racist because the crushing impact of Bidenflation was their number one concern.

“For Latinos, this election is all about inflation! And that makes sense! Inflation is bad right now,” Leguizamo stated. 

“It looks like the Democrats are in trouble. And you might be thinking, how is this possible? Donald Trump is winning Latinos? ‘Build the wall’ Donald Trump? ‘Mass deportations’ Donald Trump? The guy who thinks Daddy Yankee is a baseball player, Donald Trump? But the truth is, in 2024, Latino voters have something else on their minds,” Leguizamo added.

Democrats completely misread the results of the 2012 election where Barack Obama won 71 percent of the Hispanic vote to mean that Latinos uniformly voted on amnesty and amnesty only.

That led to Democrats making a series of disastrous policy choices to open the border, thinking American Latinos would love to see a flood of third world illegal aliens flooding the country.

And this misjudgment could cost Biden the election.

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Will Donald Trump win a bigger share of the Latino vote in 2024?

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