With Election Day only about six months away, Presidential candidates have devoted much of their time to campaigning.

Polls show Biden and Trump in a neck-and-neck race, meaning that every move from now until November matters tremendously.

But Joe Biden nearly collapsed after Michael Moore made this bold election prediction.

This election prediction just sent shivers down the backs of Democrats everywhere

Polling companies have gone into overdrive, releasing Presidential election polls at rapid speed.

So far, most head-to-head polls show a dead heat between Joe Biden and Donald Trump; however, Donald Trump has a slight edge in some major swing states, such as Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina.

Many experts agree that the Presidential race will come down to the wire, claiming that much can happen in six months that could change the momentum of this race.

However, notorious left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore disagrees, claiming that he believes that Donald Trump will cruise to victory this November.

Last Monday on CNN’s The Source, Moore spoke with host Kaitlan Collins, saying that he firmly believes the ongoing campus protests will harm Joe Biden in the long run.

Collins asked Moore, “There’s a CNN poll that showed today 81 percent of voters, who are under the age of 35, disapprove of how President Biden has been handling this war.”

She added, “I mean, we’re seeing it on campuses. There is a question of what we’re going to see in November. I wonder what you think he should be doing differently to change those numbers.”

Moore replied, “Thank you for asking that question, Kaitlan. This is why I was so, when I got the call, asking if I’d like to come on tonight. I really was coming on. I know we’re speaking to millions of people.”

He pivoted the conversation, stating, “But I’d like to speak to one particular individual. And that is President Biden.”

“I wanted to say this on your show tonight that his chance of not being reelected, I think, at this point, is so great, because of those numbers,” the exasperated liberal filmmaker added.

Moore then explained this theory, explaining, “Because he’s losing the youth vote. He’s lost the Arab American vote in Michigan. So even Michelle Goldberg in a column, in The New York Times, last month, said that if you lose Michigan, you lose the election.”

He closed the segment with, “So, what are we all going to do? How are we going to fix this? There’s a simple way, right now, to try to bring back some of the young people.”

Historical experts connect ongoing protests with the late ‘60s, which is bad news for Democrats

The ongoing protests have drawn a number of parallels to the unrest of 1968 in particular.

Like the protests of 1968, students took over college campuses in support of America’s enemies, similarly trashing America and the American flag.

Also, the Democratic National Convention took place in Chicago, initiating one of the most infamous riots in American history.

Coincidentally, this year’s Democratic National Convention takes place in Chicago later this summer.

Then, of course, there is the Kennedy factor.

Robert Kennedy ran in 1968 before his campaign was stopped short after a Palestinian man shot him dead.

Decades later, his son has the potential to completely upend this year’s election.

1968 ended in disaster for Democrats, with Republican Richard Nixon beating Hubert Humphrey handily, securing 301 electoral votes.

A lot can change in a short amount of time in today’s political climate; however, history has shown that violent, anti-American, left-wing campus protests do not end well for Democrats.

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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