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Buyer’s remorse is setting in for many of the voters who backed Joe Biden in 2020.

Now, the President is getting bad news from that last person he ever suspected.

And Joe Biden was blindsided when this 2020 Democratic National Convention star flipped on him.

Viral star from the 2020 Democratic National Convention comes out for Donald Trump

The 2020 Democratic National Convention was a virtual event because of the pandemic.

One of the surprising stars of the convention was a Rhode Island chef who went viral online for holding a plate of calamari.

States recorded short videos where they officially nominated Joe Biden to be the Democrat Presidential nominee.

Then-Rhode Island Democratic Party Chair Joseph McNamara stood on a beach and announced the “calamari comeback” state was casting 34 votes for Biden and one for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Iggy’s Boardwalk Executive Chef, John Bordieri, was standing next to McNamara, dressed in a black chef’s uniform, with a black mask, holding a giant plate of Rhode Island-style calamari.

Bordieri said he was supporting Biden because his restaurant and the fishing industry were being devastated by the pandemic. 

The Rhode Island variation of the fried squid adds banana peppers, sweet cherry tomatoes, parsley, and a touch of olive oil. 


Now, Bordieri is backing former President Donald Trump after his starring role at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Calamari chef says the country needs a businessman in the White House 

Bordieri said that he was supporting Trump during an appearance on Fox & Friends First because of his background as a businessman.

“He’s a businessman, and I think we need a businessman that can run the United States like a business and to help the people who live here create jobs, keeping lower prices, and see the whole bottom line work out for everybody,” Bordieri said.

The chef pointed out that Trump delivered while the office while most politicians are just talk.

“I just always believed business is business. And politicians? I don’t know . . . I don’t wanna diss them or anything, but, you know, you always hear that they’re going to make up stories, and they’re gonna help you, and they’re gonna do this here, and they’re gonna do that for you,” Bordieri continued. “I think Donald Trump did an awful lot while he was in office, the four years that he was here.”

Bordieri said that he was seeing the effects of inflation at his restaurant every day.

“You see the prices going up on a weekly basis, sometimes a daily basis. You know, everything fluctuates, especially the commodities and stuff like the seafood and the dairy products and the stuff,” Bordieri explained. “I purchase weekly, daily, and I see the prices go up.”

He said he’s worried about what inflation and high interest rates would do to the lives of young people.

“I feel for the kids of my son’s age and stuff like that who want to buy a home right now. They’re going to pay for these overinflated prices, have high interest rates, and it’s going to crush them,” Bordieri said.

The political coalition that backed Joe Biden in 2020 is crumbling after his disastrous Presidency.

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