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Mitt Romney is the RINO founding father of the Never-Trump movement.

Now, even though Romney voted to convict twice in partisan impeachment hoaxes and declared he won’t vote for Trump against Joe Biden, Romney thinks he’s in position to give Trump advice.

And Mitt Romney endorsed this woman as Donald Trump’s running mate effectively ending her chances.

Katie Britt offers controversial State of the Union rebuttal

The GOP establishment’s decision to tap freshmen Alabama Senator Katie Britt to deliver the party’s rebuttal for the State of the Union backfired badly.

Britt’s breathy, overacting turned her into a national punchline.

Saturday Night Live skewered Britt by having Avengers actress Scarlett Johannson impersonate Britt in the show’s cold opening.

Romney endorses Britt for Vice President

And yet Mitt Romney took the Left’s mockery of Britt as a sign Trump should pick her as his running mate.

“In a good way, the delivery was over-the-top, out of character — Biden’s, of course. Katie Britt’s too,” Romney wrote on social media. “The media’s overreaction to hers, not his, tells us who liberals most fear as VP nominee.”

Britt was Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked selection to run for Senate in Alabama.

Britt served as chief of staff to establishment RINO Richard Shelby and entered the Senate as a strong supporter of a blank check for the war in Ukraine.

But Britt’s ability to maneuver between the MAGA base and the McConnell swamp led her to rise to the top of the shortlist for Trump’s potential running mates.

Some conservatives thought Britt’s cheery persona and the vibe she gives off as the neighborhood mom who organizes the birthday parties would win over suburban female voters.

But Britt’s performance in the State of the Union turned off conservatives.

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk wrote that Britt didn’t meet the moment following a State of the Union address where Biden declared war on Trump and the GOP base.

“I’m sure Katie Britt is a sweet mom and person, but this speech is not what we need,” Kirk posted on X. “Joe Biden just declared war on the American right and Katie Britt is talking like she’s hosting a cooking show whispering about how Democrats don’t get it.’”

Megyn Kelly bemoaned the GOP picking Britt to satisfy an identity politics bingo card instead of merit deeming Britt an embarrassment in every way possible.

“Okay. She embarrassed herself. She embarrassed the Republicans, and she embarrassed women. It was a disgrace! I was horrified by her performance. And I really think that it’s going to take her years to rebound from that performance. Am I? Am I being too hard on her?” Kelly told listeners of her podcast.

If the State of the Union response served as Britt’s audition to be Vice President, then Donald Trump can take stock in the fact that the only one in the Republican Party who walked away impressed was Mitt Romney.

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