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Nikki Haley is burning bridges during her hopeless Presidential campaign.

She’s closing the door all the way shut on the Republican Party.

Now Nikki Haley’s political career is over after she made this shocking announcement.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is morphing into the next RINO Liz Cheney during her doomed Presidential bid.

Her campaign is being funded by Democrats and she’s courting them to vote for her in open GOP Primaries.

Haley took the mask off during an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press where she told host Kristen Welker that she would no longer honor her commitment to support former President Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Haley breaks her promise to support Republican Presidential candidate

The former South Carolina Governor signed a pledge with the Republican National Committee (RNC) to support the party’s Presidential nominee to participate in RNC-sanctioned Primary debates.

Now that her Presidential campaign is on its last legs, she’s going back on her promise.

“You did sign a pledge, an RNC pledge to support the eventual nominee,” Welker said. “Do you still feel bound by that pledge?”

“I have always said that I have serious concerns about Donald Trump,” Haley replied.

“So, is that a no?” Welker asked. “Are you bound by the RNC pledge?”

Haley claimed that the RNC pledge she signed no longer counted because the former President’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, is running to become RNC co-chair.

“So, you’re no longer bound by that pledge?” Welker asked.

“No, I think I’ll make what decision I want to make,” Haley responded.

Haley has burned what little goodwill she still had left with Republicans during her pointless Presidential campaign.

She’s trying to burn every bridge she has left in the party but refusing to support Trump.

Nikki Haley supports Democrats’ lawfare against Donald Trump

Haley made it clear that she doesn’t want a future in the GOP when she sided with Special Counsel Jack Smith’s rush to try Trump.

She appeared on CNN – to reach her base of support – where she told host Dana Bash that “of course” Trump’s Soviet-style show trials need to start before the 2024 Election.

Bash asked if the Supreme Court should speed up its schedule to hear Trump’s claim of Presidential immunity in the January 6 criminal case.

“Should the Supreme Court expedite this?” Bash asked.

“Well, I think the Supreme Court should hear it because we do want to look at immunity. No President should ever be above the law. And, you know, we’ve never really had to clarify this before, and I think it’s important for the Supreme Court to clarify,” Haley responded. “Would we like to see things go faster? Of course, we would.”

Bash asked her if Trump’s trials should be wrapped up before the election.

“Of course, of course,” Haley replied.

Smith is rushing to get the January 6 case to trial because the deck is stacked against Trump with a jury selected from overwhelmingly Democrat Washington, D.C., and an Obama-appointed judge. 

A criminal conviction against Trump before the election is the Democrats’ ace in the hole.

Nikki Haley’s political career was on life support going into the GOP Primary.

She slammed the door on her future in elected politics by becoming another Liz Cheney.

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