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The fallout of Joe Biden’s debate disaster is rocking the Democrat Party to its core.

Now, the grim political reality facing the President is coming into focus. 

And a swing state Governor had one dire warning for Joe Biden that let him know it’s game over. 

Michigan’s Democrat Governor says the state is gone for Joe Biden 

President Joe Biden turned the 2024 Election upside down with his senile performance in the CNN Presidential debate.

That sparked discussion in the Democrat Party about trying to replace him on the ticket. 

Democrats hope they can parachute a new candidate into the Presidential race to save the day.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is considered one of the rising stars in the party after she won the swing state twice.

A movement was reportedly launched to try to draft her to take Biden’s place.

Politico reported that Whitmer reached out to Biden campaign chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon to disavow any interest in running for President this year and express her support for the embattled President.

But she let O’Malley know the path forward won’t be easy for Biden.

Whitmer told her that Michigan was unwinnable for Biden after his debate disaster. 

The state coming off the board for the President almost certainly means he’s doomed on Election Day.

Democrat civil war brewing over replacing Joe Biden 

Democrats have a deep bench of Governors, including Whitmer, who will almost certainly throw their hats in the ring for the 2028 Presidential nomination.

And they could be prime replacements for Biden this year. 

All of them are reluctant to be seen as leading the effort to bump Biden off the ticket. 

But that’s not stopping donors and party insiders from pushing them.

Whitmer has become a favorite of the Democrat donor class. 

Lobbyist Chet Atkins – a former Representative from Massachusetts – is pitching donors on supporting Whitmer’s PAC.

“How can you not love a Governor who is affectionately called ‘Big Gretch’ by Detroit rappers, a Governor who faced down a kidnap attempt, and passed gun safety legislation in response,” Atkins wrote in the email.

Atkins is selling Whitmer as someone who can appeal to voters in the Rust Belt swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

“Over the next several weeks, party leaders and the press will be looking to see who has the momentum and the ability to beat Trump,” Atkins wrote. “A massive outpouring of small and large dollar donations to Gretchen Whitmer’s political committee will send a strong and clear message. It will also allow her to be ready on day one when the nomination opens up.”

Whitmer issued a statement denying that she ever told the Biden campaign that Michigan was unwinnable for the President.

But she raised eyebrows when she announced that she wouldn’t appear with First Lady Jill Biden at a campaign stop in Michigan.

The Biden campaign insists that the President is staying in the race.

But the drumbeat is only growing louder to push him aside. 

And that could give ambitious Democrats an opportunity to make their move.

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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