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The Presidential election will be decided by a handful of swing states around the country.

Now, a big problem is developing for Democrats in one of the most pivotal states this cycle. 

And a vicious Democrat civil war in this must-win state has Joe Biden fearing the worst. 

Philadelphia could determine the next President 

Pennsylvania has become one of the most important swing states over the last three election cycles.

Former President Donald Trump narrowly won it in the 2016 Election and cracked the “Blue Wall” states that hadn’t voted for a Republican since 1988.

President Joe Biden flipped the state by about 80,000 votes in the 2020 Election.

Pennsylvania’s 19 Electoral Votes make it the biggest swing up for grabs this year.

Democrat victories in the state are driven by receiving a massive margin in the city of Philadelphia that overwhelms Republican margins in rural and suburban areas of the state.

Biden netted more than 470,000 votes out of Philadelphia in the 2020 Election.

His strength in the city accounted for his victory in the state year.

Philadelphia Democrats in the middle of a civil war

This year, the political machine that runs Philadelphia is locked in a bitter war with the far-left.

Former Representative Bob Brady (D-PA) – a longtime political ally of Biden – has been on the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee since 1986.

He’s a throwback to the old-school party bosses who ran political machines in major cities.

“Brady has maintained firm control over the Democratic City Committee and its system of ward leaders and divisions, which political consultants and organizers say continues to function like a version of its old self — an opaque network of patronage and influence overseen by a small circle of insiders,” Bloomberg reported. 

Now, the new generation of far-left Democrats are at war with Philadelphia’s machine politics.

State Representative Chris Rabb (D-PA) is one of the new generation of Philadelphia Democrats.

He’s been fighting Brady’s machine since he won a Primary in 2016 against a machine candidate. 

“The Democratic machine is the Wizard of Oz — they have no real power,” Rabb said. “They don’t know how to reach the significant subset of the electorate who are new or inconsistent voters.”

Working Families Party state’s Organizing Director, Salaah Muhammad, said that Democrats will have to work hard to turn out voters in Philadelphia this year.

“It’s not enough to just say we’ve got to vote against Trump,” Muhammed said.

Rabb said that the Philadelphia Democratic City Committee’s old-school tactics for turning out voters aren’t effective anymore.

“Generally speaking, they sit in front of polling places, and hand out leaflets with their sample ballots,” Rabb said. “They don’t have money. They don’t use technology. They don’t involve young people. They have no earned trust from communities.”

Apathy is growing in Philadelphia about voting this year. 

“Public polls and party operatives detect low enthusiasm for the 81-year-old president, concerns about his age and the uneven benefits of his economy, and increasing anger about the administration’s support for Israel in the war in Gaza,” Bloomberg reported.

And now infighting among Philadelphia Democrats is a problem that could cost Joe Biden big time in the state this fall.

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