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The media narrative has long been that Donald Trump is doomed if he faces Joe Biden again.

But things are looking increasingly bad for the Democrats and the Biden administration.

Now this ABC poll explains exactly why Biden is in big trouble heading into the November elections.

Just one in three adults say that they trust Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been working against the interest of the American people ever since he took office. 

Now people are beginning to wake up to the reality that Democrats should not be trusted. 

At least that is what the latest polling from ABC/Ipsos shows. 

The poll was drawn from a pool of 536 adults and was conducted the day after the State of the Union address, but more than a third of those polled say that they didn’t even watch it. 

The respondents also report an incredible low of 33 percent who trust what the President says and does. 

The poll shows just how little enthusiasm and trust there is for the current President. 

And when we break out the numbers, we see exactly why he’s failing to generate support.

People are tired of illegal immigration and Joe Biden isn’t doing enough

Biden is underwater on every major issue that Americans care about the most. 

People are overwhelmingly rejecting Biden’s approach and looking back at the Trump term with hindsight in 20/20. 

One of the top concerns for people right now is the situation at the southern border.

Biden campaigned on the idea of stopping the border wall construction, then he took it a step further ending all Trump-era policies as they related to immigration. 

Now, in recent weeks, he has been claiming that he is trying to shut it down, and that the Republicans won’t work with him.  

But Americans aren’t fools and they have rejected his position on immigration.

When asked whether they approve of his handling of the border—an astonishing 68 percent say no. 

That number has only slightly improved over the 70 percent disapproval recorded in October and it is the second highest his rating on this topic has been since the beginning of his term.

Americans aren’t feeling confident about economic factors under Biden

Other key topics for American voters are the issue of inflation and the economy. 

Biden took office in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he had every opportunity to improve over the loss of jobs that occurred when companies were forced to shut down for months. 

But he has failed to capture approval on this topic, too.

Six out of ten of those polled said that they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy. 

This is a stark contrast to the way people view the Trump Presidency. 

Looking back at his handling of the economy, 60 percent say that they approve of the way Trump handled it.

Under the Biden administration, we have seen the highest inflation rates in decades and 66 percent respondents say that he isn’t doing what it takes to get it under control. 

These disastrous numbers should be the death knell to Biden going into November. 

We will see just how much American voters have suffered over the past few years and whether they’ll vote to change direction at the polls. 

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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