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Robert Kennedy Jr. is hitting double digits in some polls with his Independent bid for the White House.

Most political experts and analysts view Kennedy as a threat to Joe Biden’s re-election efforts.

And Donald Trump just blew the lid on Joe Biden’s scheme to end Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Presidential campaign.

Robert Kennedy Jr. has already secured ballot access in several states for his Independent bid for the White House.

Kennedy Jr. switched to Independent after Democrat Party elites refused to hold a primary debate and altered the rules to protect Joe Biden as the nominee.

And on Wednesday, Kennedy Jr. held a press conference where he revealed his Vice Presidential running mate.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced a wealthy California attorney as the running mate for his independent presidential campaign, a necessary step as he tries to get on state ballots for November,” NPR reported. “Nicole Shanahan, 38, is the president and director of the Bia-Echo Foundation, a charitable organization that says it focuses its investments in ‘Reproductive Longevity & Equality, Criminal Justice Reform and a Healthy and Livable Planet.’”

Even though she has no political experience under her belt, Shanahan is deeply connected to the Big Tech industry in California and was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Shanahan joining the ticket with Kennedy is expected to bring piles of much-needed cash into his campaign coffers.

Kennedy Jr. desperately needs this money to gain ballot access in all 50 states for his Independent bid for the White House.

But Donald Trump poured cold water on Kennedy Jr.’s momentum by hitting him with one scary warning about Joe Biden.

Trump pointed out that Kennedy Jr. may be running as an Independent, but he is a lifelong Democrat with far-left views.

“RFK Jr. is the most Radical Left Candidate in the race, by far,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “He’s a big fan of the Green New Scam, and other economy killing disasters.” 

Trump said this is why “he is going to be taking votes from Crooked Joe Biden, which would be a great service to America.”

The former President also called out Shanahan for her far-left views on the issues.

“His running mate, Nicole Shanahan, is even more ‘Liberal’ than him, if that’s possible,” Trump wrote. “Kennedy is a Radical Left Democrat, and always will be!!! It’s great for MAGA, but the Communists will make it very hard for him to get on the Ballot.”

Trump then issued a scary warning to Kennedy that he should expect to be indicted any day now by Joe Biden’s cronies in the Justice Department.

“Expect him, and her, to be indicted any day now, probably for Environmental Fraud!” Trump wrote in reference to Kennedy’s decades of practicing environmental law. 

“He is Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, not mine,” Trump added. “I love that he is running!”

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a disaster for America.

His approval ratings are in the tank.

Lawfare is his only strategy.

And if Joe Biden views Kennedy Jr. as a threat to his re-election, Trump is warning him to prepare to face a weaponized justice system.

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