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Joe Biden is pulling out all the stops to beat Donald Trump this year.

But nothing he’s doing is working out like he planned. 

And Bill Maher gave Democrats one hard truth about Joe Biden that they’re going to hate. 

Bill Maher slams Joe Biden’s failed campaign messaging 

Polling shows that the most important issues to voters in this election are the economy, inflation, and immigration.

But the messaging coming from President Joe Biden’s campaign is ignoring the issues that voters care about.

The Biden campaign is sticking to its failed message that former President Donald Trump is a threat to democracy.

Trump has held a steady lead in the polls even after his unjust criminal conviction in Manhattan.

Biden’s messaging isn’t connecting with voters.

Comedian Bill Maher gave Democrats a wake-up call about Biden’s campaign on his HBO show Real Time.

“People seem to be saying we care about the pocketbook issues,” Maher said. “This is across the lines of race, of gender. Everybody seems to be saying the same thing. It’s inflation. It’s pocketbook issues. It’s things like that, that hit us every day, in our everyday lives. And you guys are talking about Ukraine, and Gaza, and Israel and democracy. I really think democracy is on the line. It just doesn’t seem to connect with the people.”

Joe Biden’s attempt to buy off voters is failing 

Maher pointed out that Biden is hemorrhaging support from usually reliable demographics for Democrats, according to polling this election cycle.

“I mean, I could go through the stats here of the people he’s losing,” Maher stated. “It’s a little scary because he’s losing the people who are supposed to be the ones in the Democratic camp.”

The HBO host pointed out that Biden only had a 45% to 39% advantage over Trump with Hispanic voters in a recent poll.

He added that Biden’s “pandering” to Hispanic voters by trying to grant amnesty to spouses who are illegal aliens wasn’t working.

Trump had a 23% advantage over Biden on border security in the same poll.

“I feel like this is another of those issues where the Democrats trying to be so unracist are actually kind of racist,” Maher said. “Because they don’t they don’t seem to see Latinos as Americans. But they care about border security too. They’re here.”

Maher turned to black voters, another Democrat constituency where he’s lost ground.

“He went to Morehouse. He said, ‘What is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot?’ That seemed like pandering to me. Black voters under 50. He led by 80 points in 2020. Now, by 37. Still a lot, but he’s lost 43 points off the key constituency!” Maher exclaimed.

He noted that Biden has canceled $144 billion in student loan debt.

“Only 36% of student debt holders like it! I mean, if you can’t win the people you’re pandering to,” Maher continued. “I mean, I get it. Politics is somewhat about pandering. That’s not even an insult. You’re supposed to do what people want to a certain degree, also be a leader. But if you’re not winning these groups, and he’s lost 8% off women since 2020.”

Joe Biden isn’t focusing on the kitchen table issues that voters care about, like inflation and the economy.

That’s why his campaign is losing supporters from normally Democrat-leaning groups that are struggling to make ends meet.

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