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James Carville is one of the battle-tested veterans of the Democrat Party.

He knows when a campaign has flown off the rails. 

And James Carville made one confession about 2024 that sent Joe Biden into a panic. 

James Carville says the Biden economy is terrible for young voters

Veteran Democrat strategist James Carville coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid” during former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 Presidential campaign.

Fast forward 32 years, and the economy is still the biggest issue for the 2024 Election.

A cost of living crisis from rising interest rates, soaring home prices, and lingering inflation has many  Americans feeling the squeeze.

Younger voters are getting crushed in the dismal economy that President Joe Biden is presiding over.

Carville appeared on NewsNation’s Cuomo, where he sounded the alarm on Biden’s struggles with younger voters.

“President Biden has not done as well with younger voters as he should be,” Carville said. “And the truth of the matter is, this economy is not that good for young Americans, we’ve got people in college. College is very expensive. Mortgages are very expensive.”

Younger voters were one of the demographics who helped put Biden in the White House in 2020.

Now, his support with that group has eroded, with some polls showing former President Donald Trump competitive with them.

Biden has ramped up his illegal schemes to cancel student loan debt ahead of the election in a transparent bid to buy the support of younger voters.

But Carville noted that many young people aren’t college students or have student loan debt.

“They see themselves in a kind of a tight spot here. […] I’ll just point out that . . . there’s a whole slew of people out there that are under 30 and not in college,” Carville stated.

The divide in the Democrat Party over Israel’s conflict with Hamas has caused some young Democrats to revolt against Biden for not calling for a permanent ceasefire.

But Carville thought that issue was overblown. 

“The foreign policy, the issues with Palestine just don’t resonate with under 30 voters. It does with some at Columbia and UCLA. But not much after that,” Carville explained.

Biden isn’t running on his economic record after he created a cost of living crisis from his socialist spending spree.

But the economy is the issue that’s important to voters from every age group.

James Carville worries young voters will get disengaged from politics

Carville has criticized Biden for not focusing enough on the economy with younger voters and spending too much time on student loans and the conflict in the Middle East.

Young voters have the lowest turnout of any demographic.

And they’re not excited to show up at the polls for the 81-year-old President. 

Carville previously said during an appearance on Cat’s Roundtable that young voters aren’t excited about this election or politics.

“The lack of enthusiasm among young people for public policy, or public service, or being involved in the public square, is quite disheartening,” Carville said.

“[Young people] feel like things are not working for them,” Carville continued. “They feel like — two 80-year-old guys that don’t mean much to them.”

And younger voters sitting out the 2024 Election would be catastrophic for Joe Biden’s re-election chances.

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