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Joe Biden’s floundering re-election campaign has everyone in the Democrat Party on edge.

Now, members of the party are having some tough conversations about November. 

And Chuck Schumer was frantic after he got the worst possible news about Joe Biden.

Joe Biden could drag down the entire Democrat ticket in November 

President Joe Biden shows no signs of being able to change the trajectory of the Presidential race, even after former President Donald Trump’s unjust criminal conviction.

Biden’s sagging poll numbers could become a problem for every Democrat candidate in a competitive race.

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) was grilled about Biden’s dismal polling during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union.

Host Jake Tapper pressed him about polls that showed Trump was leading in important swing states.

“Let‘s talk about the campaign because Trump was in battleground Michigan last night making a pitch to African American voters,” Tapper said. “Polls show Biden trailing Trump in key battleground states and polling well behind your Senate colleagues who are running for re-election.”

The CNN host pointed to a May survey from New York Times/Siena that found Biden trailing in five of the six swing states polled.

“Look at this New York Times poll from last month, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is up nine points in Wisconsin — Biden‘s only up two points,” Tapper explained. “Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, up five in PA — Biden‘s down three.”

“Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego running for Senate in Arizona, up four — Biden down seven. Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen, up two in Nevada — Biden‘s down 12. How can you look at these statistics, these numbers, and not conclude that Joe Biden is a drag on the ticket?” Tapper asked.

Murphy vowed that things would turn around for Biden.

Democrats hoping for a miracle to save Joe Biden 

Tapper pointed out that the data shows that the President is trailing in critical states.

“But look! Look at the numbers. I mean, you‘re happy for your colleagues, I‘m sure, but Biden is under-polling all of them,” Tapper stated.

“That’s one poll. I can also show you 60 other polls that show that Joe Biden is in the lead. There are plenty of polls in swing states that show that Joe Biden has a small lead. This is going to be a close race, there‘s no doubt about it,” Murphy fired back.

Trump is polling better at this stage in the election than any Republican Presidential candidate since former President George W. Bush in the 2004 Election cycle.

In Nevada, Biden hasn’t led in a single poll out of the state since last October.

The President’s struggles there are a problem for every Democrat sharing the ticket with him in the state.

U.S. Senator Jackie Rosen (D-NV) and Democrat House incumbents could be washed out to sea with a big enough defeat by Biden.

Ticket splitting is on the decline.

Only one state, Maine, was there a Senate candidate who won from the opposite party of the Presidential candidate who carried the state in 2016 and 2020.

That means Joe Biden could bring down Senate Democrats with a bad showing on Election Day.

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