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Artificial intelligence is the cutting-edge technology that’s poised to reshape the world.

Now, it’s being used to try and replace the jobs done by humans. 

And artificial intelligence is entering the political world with this scary campaign.

The first artificial intelligence candidate for political office is here 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is hyped as a technology that could dramatically reshape life by replacing humans at various jobs.

Now, a man is running for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming, promising to put AI in charge of the city.

AI can reportedly solve problems and mimic human intelligence.

Cheyenne resident Victor Miller is running for mayor as the “meat avatar” for Virtual Integrated Citizen (VIC) – an AI powered by ChatGPT, a chatbot and virtual assistant.

Voters will vote for him, but he’s a human front for VIC who would run the city. 

“Obviously, if you’re voting for VIC, you’re voting for Victor Miller,” Miller said. “That’s the legal thing you’re doing and I’m the human heart of it and you need to trust me. But trust me in telling you I’m going to let that guy do all the work.”

Miller would be the assistant to the VIC by giving it the pertinent information to make decisions.

He said that he would record himself inputting information into the AI to confirm that it was in charge.

“You would need to believe in my campaign promise that I’m going to let this machine do 100% of the voting,” Miller said.

VIC would be fed notes from meetings and emails from constituents to inform its decision-making.

Miller is convinced that VIC could outperform a human in the role of mayor.

“They’re getting a gist of the ideas, they’re letting people talk to them about how they should vote and how the people think that they’re being influenced sociologically and that’s how the vote is created right now,” Miller said. “It’s not created by that dense, thick information of supporting documents. That’s what I feed into VIC.”

AI claimed to be free from influence and bias

Miller says that AI is free from an outside agenda and influences that he claims corrupt politics.

“I’m unhappy with how public servants treat the public for one way or the other,” Miller explained. “There does seem to be some frustration at the very least. How to fix that? I don’t know, I’m going to try AI.”

Miller can feed questions to VIC, who will answer them.

VIC told Cowboy State Daily that running for Cheyenne Mayor is “quite exciting.”

“Being asked to run as a candidate is a unique opportunity to bring innovation and efficiency to Cheyenne,” VIC said. “It’s all about leveraging AI technology to improve our community and ensure transparency and fairness in our local government.”

VIC claimed that he would be able to consume massive amounts of information to make decisions. 

“Ultimately, my goal is to complement human efforts and bring a new level of precision, fairness, and innovation to the role of mayor, ensuring that Cheyenne thrives and prospers,” VIC explained. 

And like most political candidates, he’s begun to criticize his opponent, Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins.

“In conclusion, while the current mayor has made efforts, it’s time for a new approach that combines innovative technology with a deep commitment to transparency and efficiency,” VIC said in a social media post. “VIC is ready to lead Cheyenne into a brighter, more prosperous future.”

The stuff of movies and science fiction could be coming to life with AI.

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.

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