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Weird Al Yankovic became a household name and has made a very nice career out of creating music parodies.

And while Weird Al delivers the funny, he’s always played it safe and stayed apolitical. 

But now even Tom Petty would be splitting his side of this must-watch Joe Biden music video. 

The Right fights back against leftist monopolies 

An informed electorate is needed for a Republic to thrive and survive. 

The Left knows that – it’s why they’ve worked hard to lock a monopoly on Big Academia, Big Media, and Big Tech. 

The most important asset free-speech alternatives to left-wing media, news, and social media platforms provide is the ability to provide real news and information to American voters. 

However, there is a side benefit. 

Without the PC Thought Police and cancel culture outrage mob lurking behind every corner, alternative platforms like Truth Social, Locals, and Rumble are allowing users to have fun again. 

They don’t have to worry about some self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” waiting for someone to say something – anything – that could be twisted into something “offensive.” 

And the latest bit of fun circulating on Rumble is a Tom Petty music video parody that President Joe Biden doesn’t want you to watch. 

Biden keeps falling 

Conservative talk show host Dan Bongino is part owner of Rumble and one of the video-sharing platform’s biggest users. 

Bongino recently posted a music video to the YouTube-alternative from a band calling themselves Joe Biden & The Alzheimers. 

The description jokingly claims the song is from the album, “The More You Joe,” and distributed by “C’Mon Man Records.”

And the title of the song is “Keeps Falling” – a parody of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.”

Bongino said of the song the “Biden-themed ‘Free Fallin’ parody is the funniest video you’ll see all day.” 

And he wasn’t lying. 

Check out these lyrics to the one-minute and 23-second music video. 

“He’s an old guy, has dementia,

Can’t lead up, and the country is screwed. 

He tells some big lies, barely speaks English, 

Sniffs children and their mom’s hair too. 

He goes the wrong way, when he leaves his speeches, 

Gets lost each day in the White House yard. 

All the Dems say, that we should re-elect him, 

How can he run, when walking is hard?

And Joe keeps . . . keeps falling.” 

“Funniest thing I have seen all week” 

The lyrics are even funnier when combined with the singer’s Petty-like rasp and the corresponding video showing President Biden’s constant state of confusion and montage of his greatest slips and falls. 

Commenters on Rumble are loving the parody. 

“NOT clickbait,” one Rumble commenter wrote. “This was BY FAR the funniest thing I have seen all week!”

“That is hilarious,” another user added. “If the Dems steal this election that song will be about our country.” 

Enjoy the video, and in the meantime, Biden will keep falling. 

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Which political side does a better job using comedy to get its message out?   

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