Joe Biden is watching everything go wrong for his floundering re-election campaign.

Now, he’s facing a grim reality about the state of the race. 

And Joe Biden turned as white as a ghost when Obama aides revealed this bad 2024 problem.

Joe Biden has a major problem with voter apathy heading into the election 

Democrats have tried to convince themselves for months that the trajectory of the 2024 Election was going to change.

President Joe Biden has trailed in the polls nationally and in the major swing states against former President Donald Trump since last year.

Nothing seems to be able to change the dynamics of the race in Biden’s favor.

Democrats predicted that Trump’s conviction in a Soviet-style show trial in Manhattan would be a game-changing moment in the race.

But Trump’s poll numbers held steady, with many Americans seeing through this sham.

Biden has watched key groups in the Democrat coalition, like black, Hispanic, and younger voters, begin to abandon him.

There’s no enthusiasm with the Democrat base for the 81-year-old President. 

Democrats and their media allies have comforted themselves by saying that when the reality of a Trump-Biden rematch set in, these poll numbers would change.

They thought these disengaged voters would suddenly snap to attention and return to the fold with sufficient fearmongering about a potential Trump second term.

But voters can compare Trump’s Presidency to Biden’s, so scare tactics aren’t effective anymore.

Obama aides warn of big problems facing Joe Biden 

Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor transitioned to being podcasters after working in the White House under former President Barack Obama.

They appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to warn that Biden is facing a serious problem with voter apathy.

Favreau said that Biden is “struggling” with voters who aren’t paying attention to the race.

“Where he’s struggling is among younger voters, Black voters, Latino voters, white voters, people who just aren’t paying close attention to politics and who aren’t tuned in, and one of the reasons they’re not tuned in is because they’re cynical about politics and they’re frustrated about politics and the way to turn that around . . . trying to get people’s attention as best you can and try to force the choice in the election,” Favreau said.

Biden’s campaign can try and force these voters to choose between him and Trump, but that’s wishful thinking.

These apathetic voters could simply not show up on Election Day or cast a protest vote with a third-party candidate.

Apathetic voters have known what their choices are for months.

Vietor said that Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip has become a “huge challenge” for Biden with younger voters and the far left.

“It’s going to take work,” Vietor said. “You’re right that Gaza is a huge challenge, I think especially with young people and progressives, but their bet is that over time they can educate younger voters about the stakes involved and that people will eventually come back to them.”

Turning voters who don’t care into ones who care is one of the biggest challenges in politics.

And the 81-year-old President isn’t the candidate who can get voters off of the sidelines.

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