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Comedian Bill Maher is willing to speak hard truths to his fellow Democrats.

Now, he’s telling it like it is about a huge problem facing them. 

And Bill Maher gave Democrats one reality check about 2024 that left them feeling sick.

Bill Maher says that common sense is gone on the Left 

Democrats are left wondering where everything went wrong for them during the 2024 Election cycle.

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign was supposed to collapse under the weight of the sham criminal and civil cases against him.

And President Joe Biden was going to cruise to victory. 

Now, Democrats are facing the very real possibility of Trump returning to the White House next year.

Comedian Bill Maher appeared at the Aspen Ideas Festival for a discussion with English Journalist Tina Brown.

He unloaded on the Left for going completely off the rails with wokeness and a lack of common sense.

Brown called Trump’s supporters a cult and was perplexed as to how anyone could support the former President.

“I mean part of it, the Left has to own. They are aggressively anti-common sense,” Maher said. “The Democrats keep running on this one idea, saying to the American people, ‘You can’t possibly think you can do worse than Donald Trump.’ And they keep saying, ‘Yes, we can. Yes, we can.’”

Common sense isn’t so common anymore with Democrats.

Wokeness taking over Democrats and the Left 

Wokeness has become the secular equivalent of a religion on the Left in the past decade.

Maher said that he has friends who complain that their “uber-woke” children driving them up the wall.

“‘You don’t get it, mom. That’s old thinking.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t get what?” Maher exclaimed. “Abolish the police, tear down statues of Lincoln, maybe give communism another shot, get rid of the Border Patrol, get rid of capitalism, white supremacy has never been worse, gender is always just a social construct. No, it’s not that I’m old, it’s that your ideas are stupid.”

Maher said he meets a lot of people who tell him they don’t like Trump, but the Left is worse, so they support him.

“They just hate the other stuff more,” Brown noted.

Maher doesn’t like Trump or conservatives but said he understood why people support him.

“I don’t blame them, because a lot of it is closer to their own home,” Maher explained. “Like the things you hate about Trump, democracy, I understand why that’s the biggest issue. But a lot of people, it’s kind of vague. Ukraine is very far away. But you know, the stuff about family and race and gender, it’s very close to their own home.”

He predicted that Biden was headed to a big defeat this November.

And that would be in part from the Left’s woke ideas pushing people away who might be inclined to support them.

Democrats’ hard Left turn on cultural and social issues has cost them support even among traditionally left-leaning groups like black and Hispanic voters. 

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