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Kamala Harris has been a disaster of epic proportions since taking office.

The problem for Democrats is that she’s next in line to replace Joe Biden.

And Megyn Kelly demolished the media for pushing this false narrative about Kamala Harris.

President Harris?

The bombshell report by Special Counsel Robert Hurt that declared that President Joe Biden is so old and suffering from such severe memory loss that no jury would convict him of stealing classified documents sent shockwaves.

Democrats are waking up to the painful reality that they could need a backup plan to replace the 81-year-old Biden on the ticket.

His deeply unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris is next in line to replace him if something happens to him between now and Election Day.

Harris has worse favorability numbers in polling than Biden and has been a bumbling disaster since the day she took office.

A recent Monmouth University poll found that only 35% of voters approve of the job Harris has done compared to 38% approval for Biden. 

Harris is about as popular as Jimmy Carter at the end of his Presidency and has a penchant for putting her foot in her mouth. 

Cue media rehab

That’s why an effort is now underway in the media to try and spin her very obvious flaws to rehab her image.

New York Times columnist Ezra Klein wrote an opinion piece that said Harris is being “underestimated” as a potential Biden replacement for the 2024 Election.

Harris is infamous for her gaffes, jumbled world salads, and inappropriate laughing during her public appearances which have turned her into a national punchline.

Klein claimed without evidence that the Vice President is “enormously magnetic and compelling” behind closed doors but stumbles in public because she’s a black woman.

The Times columnist wrote that Harris’ public stumbles were because she was afraid of being seen as an angry black woman. 

Megyn Kelly takes a blowtorch to those efforts

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasted Klein for this laughable spin job to rehabilitate Harris’ image with the possibility of her replacing Biden looming on her SiriusXM show.

“I’ve overcome my lady parts to be able to not be cautious and careful and measured — it’s amazing I’ve overcome that, notwithstanding all the estrogen raging in my body,” Kelly said mocking Klein’s column.

“And apparently, Kamala Harris was just too strong a combo, I guess, being black and being a woman. Therefore, that’s why she is the way she is,” Kelly continued. “I mean, ok, tell that to Condoleezza Rice because she hasn’t suffered from any of those problems.”

There’s no spinning the bumbling mess that Harris has been since becoming Biden’s running mate so the media is pulling the race card.

The truth is, Democrats are having to come to grips with the nightmare scenario of having Kamala Harris being their Presidential candidate.

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