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Democrats are on a defense big time about Joe Biden.

There is no spin for this disaster.

And Rachel Maddow got a stunning reality check about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

Biden’s sycophants on MSNBC struggled to defend Biden in the wake of special counsel Robert Hur’s devastating report and Joe Biden’s subsequent disastrous press conference.

Hur described Biden as too mentally impaired to stand trial and thus Hur wouldn’t recommend criminal charges against Joe Biden for stealing classified documents.

The report Hur submitted contained two episodes where Joe Biden didn’t know what years he served as Vice President and forgot when his son died.

Hur’s report came just days after Joe Biden claimed that during a 2021 trip to Europe he spoke with European leaders who died in 1996 and 2017 respectively.

The rapid fire succession of examples of Joe Biden’s senility drives home a narrative that already took root among the American people that Joe Biden is mentally incompetent to carry on as President.

That’s why Donald Trump continues to hold a durable polling lead over Joe Biden.

This news obviously didn’t sit with the leftists over on MSNBC.

Chris Hayes was one of the few to acknowledge the reality of the situation by stating that age is different than any other political problem because there is no actual way to address it.

Every day Joe Biden will be one day older and one day more senile.

“If someone says, ‘You’re too far left,’ you can tack to the center,” but there’s nothing you can do if someone says you’re too old,” Hayes stated.

“He rides a bike,” Rachel Maddow interjected.

Hayes wasn’t buying it.

“But he is the age he is and so it’s a very useful political attack for that reason,” Hayes responded.


The idea of Joe Biden riding a bike adding a perception of youth and vigor to his decrepit physical appearance and mental state isn’t quite the winner Maddow thinks it is.

Joe Biden is fragile and in decline that in 2022 he couldn’t even stand up straight after coming to a complete stop without falling over.


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