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Donald Trump’s criminal conviction in a kangaroo court turned the country into a banana republic.

The Republican Party is at a turning point after this unjust conviction.

Now, Tommy Tuberville is raising hell after the establishment made this wrong move.

Senate conservatives ready to go scorched earth 

Democrats have shattered every norm and shredded the Constitution, waging war against former President Donald Trump.

They’re willing to tear the country apart and destroy the political system to stop him from returning to the White House.

Trump’s conviction on fictitious criminal charges pulled out of thin air by Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg sparked outrage.

Even RINOs like U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Mitt Romney (R-UT) criticized the conviction.

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and a group of Senate conservatives were ready to draw a line in the sand.

That’s why they vowed to try and grind the Democrat-controlled Senate to a halt for the rest of the year.

Lee and his colleagues pledged to block President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees and appointments, along with blocking the Democrat legislative agenda.

“Strongly worded statements are not enough,” Lee wrote on social media. “Those who turned our judicial system into a political cudgel must be held accountable. We are no longer cooperating with any Democrat legislative priorities or nominations, and we invite all concerned Senators to join our stand.”

U.S. Senators Maro Rubio (R-FL), J.D. Vance (R-OH), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Rick Scott (R-FL), Eric Schmitt (R-MO), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Roger Marshall (R-KS), and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) joined in Lee in the effort. 

“The White House has made a mockery of the rule of law and fundamentally altered our politics in un-American ways,” the Republican Senators said in a letter. “As a Senate Republican conference, we are unwilling to aid and abet this White House in its project to tear this country apart.”

It’s unclear if any establishment Republicans in the Senate will join this effort. 

Tommy Tuberville tells the Republican establishment to wake up 

Tuberville appeared on Newsmax, where he said it was time to go “war” after Trump’s conviction.

He said that the letter he and his colleagues signed wasn’t just a message to Biden and Democrats but also his fellow Republicans.

“To me, they’re not really taking this as seriously as we should,” Tuberville said. “The American people need to wake up. This is a war. This is a war on our constitutional rights, our constitutional republic.”

Tuberville said that the dividing line was no longer Republicans and Democrats in his eyes.

“This is not as much about Donald Trump as it is about the people in this country. I don’t call us Republicans and Democrats anymore,” Tuberville continued. “You’re either for our great country the way it’s been for the past 248 years or you’re anti-, you want to change it to how you want it to be.”

He was worried that Democrats were going to drive the country straight off a “cliff.”

“We have so many bad things going on in this country right now. They are worried about Republicans taking back over the country that we love,” Tuberville explained. “And they better be worried about it because we will take back Nov. 5 if they continue down this road of nonsense.”

Senate Republicans are coming to a fork in the road about how to respond to Donald Trump’s conviction.

And voters will be sure to keep their Senators’ actions in mind as they head to the polls in November.

Election Buzz will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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