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Joe Biden is trying to find a way to change the trajectory of the election. 

But one move that he thought would be a political masterstroke blew up in his face. 

And Joe Biden made one huge mistake with lawfare that he’s going to live to regret. 

Robert De Niro stunt goes wrong for Joe Biden 

One of the most bizarre scenes in American political history occurred outside the Manhattan courtroom where former President Donald Trump’s sham criminal trial took place.

President Joe Biden tried to capitalize on the media attention for the trial by putting on a campaign event.

The Biden campaign held a press conference outside the courthouse where 80-year-old Actor Robert De Niro went on an unhinged rant about Trump.

Joining him were two former Capitol Police officers who now serve as political props for Democrats.

Trump supporters swarmed the Academy Awarding Actor, and it devolved into a shouting match.

De Niro has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and uses every opportunity he gets to go on public tirades about the former President.

Even Trump’s biggest critics thought the event was a disaster for Biden.

Karl Rove says the De Niro press conference was a catastrophe 

RINO Never Trump Fox News contributor Karl Rove was forced to concede that the Biden campaign made a “stupid mistake” with the De Niro press conference.

“Stupid mistake by the Biden campaign,” Rove said on Fox News. “They wanted to get in while all the cameras were there, they wanted to get their moment in the sun. It was a big mistake. It politicizes the trial.”

Holding a campaign event outside Trump’s trial only served to confirm how politicized the case against him was.

“Better to have waited. And then what was said — with all respect to De Niro, a wonderful actor — really? The people up for grabs in this election, ‘Donald Trump wants to destroy New York, destroy America, and destroy the world? And if you re-elect him he will never leave office and make himself a tyrant for life?’” Rove noted.

De Niro comes across as a sad, angry old man when he rants about Trump.

Only the fringes of the Democrat Party’s far-left base would put any stock in what he says at this point.

“Are those the kind of credible statements that will cause people who don’t like Biden and don’t like Trump but are trying to figure out who to vote for, will they say, ‘Jeez, you told me he wanted to destroy our country,’” Rove continued. “The people who believe that are already in the Biden camp. That’s not who they should be trying to reach out to.”

Even Biden’s cheerleaders at MSNBC and CNN thought that it was a bad move.

“. . . this was so over the top as to simply be useless. What a stupid mistake on the part of the Biden campaign. More reason why Democratic leaders are probably going to be concerned that he is the nominee, likely nominee of their party,” Rove concluded.

Joe Biden continues to step on rakes during his re-election campaign.

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