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Democrats now demand that comedy serve as their personal safe space.

No jokes should ever challenge their views and the purpose of humor is to affirm their ideology.

But now a liberal comedian told one joke about Joe Biden that sent liberals into a panic.

Jon Stewart once again jokes about Joe Biden’s age

Liberal comedians really don’t like to make fun of Democrat Presidents unless they absolutely have to.

But Joe Biden is so unpopular and risks losing to Donald Trump so comedians don’t mind taking some pot shots at him.

Daily Show host Jon Stewart headlined a show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles that’s part of the Netflix is a Joke Fest.

During his set, Stewart took aim at Biden’s age.

This is a safe target as a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 86 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

“Why are we allowing this? And now we’re going to have a president that’s [one of] the two oldest people that have ever run for the office of the presidency,” Stewart began.

Stewart also skewered his woke critics who say comedians and the media should never speak of Biden’s age.

Stewart found this posture ridiculous because the American people can see how Biden’s succumbing to the effects of old age before their very eyes.

“I know liberals say, “Don’t say Joe Biden is old” — don’t say what people see with their own eyes! You can say it, he can’t hear us. I know you know how f***ing old he is, and I know you don’t want to say it because Trump is so scary, but he’s so f***ing  old. When you watch him on television, you’re nervous, aren’t ya?” Stewart asked.

Stewart twisted the dagger in deeper, joking that Biden could probably do a great many things.

But serving as President isn’t one of them.

“I’m not saying that Biden can’t contribute to society, he just shouldn’t be President,” Stewart joked.

Not the first time Stewart’s joked about Biden’s age 

Back in February after special counsel Robert Hur released his report saying he wouldn’t recommend criminal charges against Biden for stealing classified documents on account of Biden being too mentally incompetent to stand trial, Democrats adopted an odd defense.

Staffers and other elected Democrats began appearing on talk shows claiming they would have private meetings with Biden where he would run circles around them mentally.

Stewart found all these secret tales of Biden proving to be the quickest mind in the room were ridiculous when compared to the public evidence of Biden confusing Gaza with Mexico.

“Did anyone film that?” Stewart snarked.

Stewart said it would be nice if Biden staffers would film all these meetings where Biden’s on the ball as opposed to the quick edit filled videos they normally post to social media that are used to disguise the fact that Biden can’t deliver a simple message without multiple takes.

“Because if you’re telling us behind the scenes he is sharp and full of energy and on top of it and really in control and leading, you should film that. That would be good to show to people instead of a TikTok where he goes, ‘Chocolate chip cookie!’ We see he’s in charge, you see, ‘I like cookies!’” Stewart added.

Democrats now believe that Donald Trump is so dangerous that any criticism of Joe Biden is tantamount to treason.

Liberals don’t think the media should provide any critical coverage and comedians should steer clear of any jokes at Joe Biden’s expense.

But that’s not America.

That’s how North Koreans treat Kim Jong Un.

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Is Joe Biden too old to be President?

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