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Chuck Schumer is in the fight of his political life to hang on to control of the Senate.

Now, he’s dealing with one massive problem that he never expected. 

And Chuck Schumer is going to hate this awful situation that Joe Biden just handed him.

Joe Biden could wipe out the rest of the Democrat ticket 

President Joe Biden’s shocking debate performance has thrown his re-election campaign into turmoil.

He confirmed the worst fear of voters that he’s suffering from severe mental decline as he stumbled and bumbled his way through 90 minutes on the debate stage against former President Donald Trump.

Biden is not only a threat to cost Democrats the White House, he could sink Democrats in down-ballot races.

Politico’s Ally Mutnick reported that panic began to set in after the debate.

“There’s some chatter among Democrats that Joe Biden’s performance tonight will spook major funders of campaigns and outside groups, potentially causing pain down ballot. ‘I don’t think you are all ready for the amount of donor meltdown tomorrow,’ said one Democratic operative involved in several 2024 races,” Mutnick wrote.

Now, vulnerable Democrats this year are going to be sharing the same ticket as Biden and answering tough questions about him.

Senate Democrats in the hot seat over Joe Biden

The Senate race in Ohio is one of Republicans’ best pickup opportunities this year in a state that former President Donald Trump easily won in the 2016 and 2020 Elections.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is trying to hang on against his Republican challenger, Bernie Moreno.

University of Dayton Political Science Professor Chris Devine said that Biden’s debate performance should have alarm bells ringing for Democrats.

“President Biden’s poor performance in last night’s debate should cause concern among Democrats running in down ballot races, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio,” Devine said.

Ohio is expected to be competitive at the Presidential level this year.

“With Biden at the top of the ballot, Democrats might struggle to mobilize some of their supporters in Ohio to get out and vote — perhaps enough to make the difference in what is expected to be one of the closest Senate races this year,” Devine stated.

Trump’s 2016 Campaign Adviser, David Urban, said on a CNN panel after that debate that Biden’s disaster is making Democrats sick.

“Bob Casey, I promise you tonight in the state of Pennsylvania, is throwing up in his mouth,” Urban said.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) is squaring off against Republican challenger David McCormick.

And McCormick is already hitting Casey for his close ties to Biden.

“Bob Casey has said over and over that his ‘close friend’ Joe Biden, with whom he votes 98% of the time, is fit to be President,” McCormick said. “What we all saw last night proves Casey is lying.”

Democrats claimed that Joe Biden was as fit as a fiddle for years.

Now, that lie is set to blow up in their faces this election.

Joe Biden’s sinking ship could take vulnerable Democrats down with him.

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