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Democrats have their backs against the wall for the 2024 Election.

They need to do something drastic to prevent Donald Trump from winning.

Now, Democrats have this desperate plan for Hillary Clinton to try and save the election for Joe Biden.

Washington Post columnist proposes swapping Kamala Harris with Hillary Clinton 

President Joe Biden is besieged by questions about his age and mental fitness as the dog days of summer arrive for the Presidential campaign.

The unspoken political reality of this election is that a vote for Biden is a vote to make Vice President Kamala Harris the eventual Commander-in-Chief.

No one thinks that the 81-year-old President – who’s rapidly declining before the public’s eyes – would be able to finish a second term. 

But Harris is even more detested than Biden at this point.

She’s become the most unpopular Vice President in modern American history, according to polling. 

Democrats know that having Harris share a ticket with Biden is going to give voters some second thoughts about selecting him.

Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker came up with a novel solution to ease the fears voters have about a potential President Kamala Harris.

She proposed swapping out Harris with Hillary Clinton on the Democrat ticket.

Parker wrote what Democrats have been fretting about behind closed doors.

“Inarguably, a significant obstacle to a Biden win is Kamala Harris, whose low popularity has not been improved by her lackluster performance as vice president,” Parker wrote. “More independents and disenchanted Republicans might swing for Biden if it weren’t for the prospect of a President Harris — not because of her sex, race or any other demographic category, but because of her competency, or lack thereof.”

Vice President Hillary Clinton saves the day 

The White House has tried to downplay a series of alarming videos on social media of Biden’s cognitive decline as “cheap fakes.”

But Parker admitted that voters were right to be concerned about Biden’s mental state.

“Biden’s steady decline the past few years — his stumbles, his search for words, his occasional blank stare — has been impossible to ignore. Such change isn’t a reflection of character; it’s part of the natural order of life, and it isn’t ageist to take note,” Parker explained.

“No one has mentioned her as a possible running mate for Biden far as I know, but why not replace Harris with Clinton?” Parker wrote. “At 76, she might want no part of it, but it’s hard to retire when you feel your job isn’t done.”

Clinton has never gotten over losing to former President Donald Trump in the 2016 Election.

Her goal since being the First Lady in the 1990s has been to become the first female President.

Joining Biden on the ticket is likely her last opportunity to achieve that goal.

Democrats realize that after Harris bumbled and stumbled her way through her stint as Vice President, she’s an albatross on the ticket.

They’re realizing that they have to do something dramatic to shake up a race that’s seen Trump cling to a narrow polling advantage over Biden for months.

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