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The political dynamics of the 2024 Election aren’t playing out how Joe Biden predicted.

Now, he’s facing a political environment that spells big trouble for his re-election campaign.

And Joe Biden was furious when he discovered this painful political reality about 2024.

Voters are turning against Joe Biden on illegal immigration 

President Joe Biden’s re-election plan was simple.

Democrat prosecutors and attorneys would bury former President Donald Trump in an avalanche of criminal and civil cases.

The theory went that Trump’s legal woes would make him so radioactive to the public that his Presidential campaign would be dead in the water.

But the lawfare against Trump hasn’t played out as Democrats expected.

The election is still very much a horse race. 

Issues matter to voters this election year, not the manufactured legal drama the Democrats created to hurt Trump.

Immigration is one of the most important issues for voters after Biden flooded the country with nearly 10 million illegal aliens.

Public opinion on illegal immigration has reached a point that’s unfathomable to the political class.

CNN host shocked over public support for Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration 

Trump bucked the conventional political wisdom when he ran in 2016 on taking a hard line against illegal immigration.

Democrats, the GOP establishment, and the media treated Trump’s positions like building a border wall and mass deportations of illegal aliens, an extremist position outside of any normal political discourse.

CNN host Dana Bash hosted a discussion on her show Inside Politics where the panelists were stunned at the support for Trump’s immigration policies.

A CBS/YouGov poll found that Hispanic support for Trump’s plan to run a massive deportation campaign against illegal aliens climbed from 17% in September 2016 to 53% in the June survey.

“Seeing those numbers as percentages side by side, talking about an eight-year period,” Bash said. “It really tells the story of how potent this issue is far beyond the communities who are directly affected.”

Axios political reporter Hans Nichols noted that Trump’s position had become the mainstream.

“To me the biggest delta there. And the math — correct my math. On the Hispanic number, 53% to 17% — that’s remarkable,” a stunned Nichols said.

“You see something similar like this happen with the whole conversation around tariffs and China,” Nichols continued. “Things that Donald Trump talked about in 2016 that were out of the bounds within the Republican Party, and now they’ve entered in the mainstream.”

Mass deportation of illegal aliens is now supported by a sizable majority of the public. 

“And the top-line number there is, what, 62% supporting deportation? That’s a remarkable number,” Nichols continued. “And, you know, it’s just one poll, but it seems like to bare out across a lot of polls.”

Biden issued a phony executive order on border security (re: amnesty) after years of saying he didn’t have the power to do anything.

He knows that illegal immigration has become a huge political vulnerability for his campaign.

Donald Trump has a massive advantage if the 2024 Election is fought over the issues of immigration and border security.

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